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The Most Inspiring Stories in St. Louis

The heart of our mission is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our communities. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some incredible artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with the incredible group below. Check out our favorite stories from across the Voyage family.

Rashida Dinehart

In September 2005, I was 15 years old. 15 years and 11 months, to be exact. My 16th birthday was the next month and I was pumped to get my license and gain the freedom of the open road. I thought my life was about to change forever. And it was. But not in the way I expected.  On September 11, 2005, in the middle of the night, I lost my mom to a massive heart attack. That was 16 years ago. What’s happened in the years since is why I understand grief isn’t linear. It’s why I encourage everyone who has experienced any sort of trauma to feel all their feels. To work through them. To understand them. It’s why I consider myself a grief advocate,  Shortly following the death of my mom, my stepdad simply left. He’d gotten a new girlfriend who wasn’t very fond of my brother and me, so he just vanished. This meant my brother and I were on our own to make it work. This is when the survival mode kicked in.  Read more>>

Rahjzae Moore

I knew I wanted to be a comedian/ actor was back in high school, back in the butterfly hallway a Francis Howell North high school. See the butterfly hallway was where all the black kids in my school would conjugate, in a lovely roast battle, conversation, and bs. One day someone had told me that “aye giggles! You look and sound like Kevin hart lol”. Giggles was my nickname in high school. I then said, “who is Kevin hart”. Read More>>

Ginelle Bess

I’m Home” & started in my aunt’s kitchen August of 2018. Meal prepping was something I began to do when I started working two jobs to make ends meet & save myself some time and money. I had no idea it would grow into what it is today, but I knew it was something I took a great liking to and became committed to over the years.  I was born here in St. Louis, Mo and decided to move back to St. Louis to “start over”. I wanted to get away from everything I knew to focus on me & my wellbeing in hopes to find my calling. At the time that I moved back, I was in a really fragile phase of my life. I was in my mid-twenties, recently graduated Basic Combat Training & Advanced Individual Training to serve part-time in the Army National Guard, a college dropout watching everyone around me graduate and begin their careers. Everyone seemed so happy, meanwhile, I was being held prisoner to my own mind, my own self-doubt, feeling defeated, lost, and behind all my peers. Mentally and spiritually struggling every single day.  Read more>>

Sally Grieshaber

Ever since I was a little girl, I had a passion for capturing moments in time. I know–super cliche. However, that is my truth. I became completely obsessed with how you could capture beauty and emotion into a physical form that you could keep forever; A permanent memory if you will. After months of stealing my dad’s camera to take pictures around our yard, my parents gifted my first point and shoot at the age of eight. From this point on, it was the most epic love affair of my life. I have become utterly obsessed with capturing memories–maybe annoyingly so. During college, I decided to save up and buy my first DSLR camera. At this point, I gathered up anyone who was willing to jump in front of my camera. I started watching all of the YouTube videos and free content I could to teach myself everything about running a photography business: from shooting in manual to poses to just the business side of how to operate!.  Read more>>

Erika Matos

I discovered my passion for photography when I was living in Cape Town, South Africa. I lived there for five amazing years after I left my home country, Brazil. At the time I was working as a web developer, studying photography and attending as many workshops as there were. I started photographing the wildlife in the safaris, it was such an amazing experience. My transition to portrait photography happened after I moved to Johannesburg, South Africa when I started working with models. From there I figured that I wanted to focus on Motherhood Photography. I left my work as a web developer when I left South Africa to come to Saint Louis and I have focused on my passion since then. After I had my baby, eight months ago I was not only able to experience Motherhood but the journey helped me to understand and love even more what evolves Motherhood Photography.  Read more>>

Missy Rolfe

I’m Missy, owner of Honeybee Flower Boutique. My given name is Melissa, which means Honeybee in Greek, so that’s how the business got its name.  I’m married to Steve and we just celebrated a big anniversary – 30 years – does not seem possible. We met on a blind date in college – crazy! He’s super supportive of this business and the muscle behind building all the flower beds, hauling all the things, keeping the truck running, etc.  We are empty nesters and have two awesome, grown kids, Sydney (a middle school art teacher in Chicago) and Josh (an entrepreneur in Nashville.) They’ve both played a part in getting the business off the ground too and are great encouragers.  My Grandma Lena started my love for flowers as a little girl. If you look closely at our logo, you’ll see a cursive L worked into the design to honor her. (Sydney designed our very first logo.) My Grandma and my mom taught me a lot of what I know about flowers.   Read more>>

Robert Fairless

My name is Rob Fairless and I’m the host of The 25th Hour Radio Show which is aired every Saturday morning on Monster Radio AM1150 and 98.5FM WGGH. I wasn’t always a radio show host though. About 10 years ago my cousin Randy Ashby and I decided to start a podcast on Blogtalk Radio for the heck of it. Podcasting was relatively new at the time and we thought it would be fun to try out. At first, we tried to interview anyone we could. Florists, local restaurant owners, friends that we knew, etc. Actually, that didn’t go over too well. I don’t know if most people were sort of scared to be interviewed or just not hip to the brand-new form of promotion. Either way, we decided to change our plan. Next, we went after local bands…. that’s when we started to gain some traction. We ended up creating a Facebook page for our show and started having “Battles of the Bands”. After a few months of growing our page, I decided it was.  Read more>>

Stephanie Paine

Christopher Kelly began as an idea between me (Stephanie Paine) and my cousin (Amy Gillick), to create our own candles, where we knew exactly what ingredients were going into them. There are a lot of candles from big box companies, and you have no idea what waxes, chemicals, etc. they are made with. We both love burning candles in our homes, and scent is such an important sense! Scent memories last incredibly long, so creating a fragrance to commemorate a happy moment was important to us. We researched companies to work with and tested many waxes before settling on a coconut-soy blend and wooden wicks. Wooden wicks are higher maintenance, but burn slower and lower, to help your candle last longer and release less soot into your home. Coconut wax is incredibly eco-friendly and melts beautifully with the wooden wicks. We use only non-toxic oils and natural essential oil blends to create our fragrances.  Read more>>

Lauren Stuart

Travel has always been bigger than a passion of mine. It seems to be a part of who I am, my DNA. Travel is the single thing that makes me feel connected, fulfilled, and the ever cliché, “alive.” As early as I can recall, I remember sitting at the table with my grandpa, looking at old maps of Europe thinking to myself, “I can’t wait to get there one day.” From endless hours and years of absorbing stunning images, documentaries, and first-hand stories, seeing the world and experiencing other cultures became this internal drum, this unwavering affirmation that eventually boiled over into the best and most erratic decision I’ve ever made. In 2017, a few months after I got married, my husband and I quit our jobs and left on a six-month backpacking trip around Southeast Asia. We had nothing with us except the money we saved and a 60-liter backpack of belongings.  Read more>>

Devonda Bell

High school was a lot of pressure for me. I would always try to fit in for some reason, but it was some fashion trends I couldn’t afford to keep up with. I remember around Christmas time all the other girls at my school would get those “Victoria Secret PINK” sweatsuits and the prettiest pink “Juicy Couture” velour jacket and pants. I always wanted to own at least one because I loved the idea of being comfortable and pretty at the same time. But I knew my hard-working parents struggled enough keeping us afloat. The price of those fashionable pieces were far from the typical prices my parents spent to cloth all 5 of us.  For some reason, that feeling of being that little girl who couldn’t afford it stuck to me throughout my life. I knew once I had the chance, I would create my own clothing brand and shoot inspire others like me. Letting them know it’s ok not to fit in and that you can be fashionable and pretty in comfortable clothes too.  Read more>>

Alexis Jaworowski

Real estate is something that I’d been interested in for multiple years before taking the step to get into it. I was first exposed to real estate during my college years, where I worked as a Leasing Consultant in a student housing apartment complex. I loved sharing my knowledge about the property and giving tours to prospective renters. After college, I worked several random jobs until landing a job that was useful for my degree in Hospitality and Event Management. I started working in the travel industry for a large company in St. Louis in October 2019. As I got more integrated into my role, I found that it was not what I wanted to be doing long term. I started thinking more seriously about real estate but didn’t act on it until I was furloughed in March 2020 due to COVID-19.  Shortly after being furloughed, I was laid off and thus, I had a lot of free time and decided to use that time to study for the real estate exam and get my license. While I was studying, I found a wonderful agent who hired me to be her Administrative Assistant.  Read more>>

Alyssa Hawkins

After graduating from Lindenwood University and thrusted into the workforce during a pandemic I was training to be a stockbroker when I decided to start my own business. Prior to graduating, I was working as a barista at everyone’s favorite coffee shops. The pandemic shed a new light on getting coffee, and other simple pleasures we use to enjoy without a line, 30-minute wait, and health risks.  People in the Midwest pay premium prices for half of the quality of coffee! I, Alyssa Love created Love Bean Coffee LLC. Where my slogan is “Create the third place.” encouraging people to take control of their lives and any circumstance they are in by creating moments of peace, resolution, or clarity within themselves.  Read more>>

Amy Lovewell

I was a stay-at-home mom of 3 when my husband became very ill. He was quickly losing the use of his right hand and had to learn how to eat, work, brush his teeth with his left hand. We were unsure if he could continue working with only one functioning arm. I decided I wanted to have my own business that I was passionate about. I have always enjoyed quilting and decided owning my own bridal shop will allow me to help other women while incorporating my passion for design and sewing.  I have the best team of bridal stylists who support each other and our brides. I want everyone to feel confident, happy, and beautiful in their wedding dresses. I am so lucky to spend my days with a wonderful team of stylists and all the brides we meet. We feel like a family, and welcome you into our home to join us!.  Read more>>

Elizabeth Hogan

I began my career in 2005 as a public-school music teacher – specifically, middle school choir, in the Parkway School District. I loved teaching young people to use their voice, but as I gained more experience, I was drawn to working with adults to empower other educators to get better at their craft. This led me to pursue my Ph.D. in Music Education, and in that process, I researched school and community partnerships and gained some experience working in non-profit, with the St. Louis Children’s Choirs. After graduation, I taught for 4 years in higher education, but after going through some pretty big transitions in my personal life, I realized that I needed to reconsider what would work best for me moving forward as a single mom. I desired a joyful, sustainable, and impactful career that was based in St. Louis so that I could be near family and friends as my young daughters grow up.  Read more>>

Heather Nickelson

I always knew I wanted to be a mom. Little did I know, becoming a mom would change my life in every way possible, including my career path. I graduated from Washington University Program in Occupational Therapy in December 2016 with my MS in OT. I welcomed my first child in September 2017 and my second in January 2019. I worked in inpatient rehab but started working with the pediatric population for Missouri Schools for the Severely Disabled. I love child development, and I thoroughly enjoy being a pediatric OT, but life has taken me in another direction. When I was a few months postpartum with my second, Rylan, I was silently suffering with postpartum depression. Desperate for answers I contacted my healthcare provider. She gave me a screening that didn’t fit my symptoms, and asked me to engage in more “self-care.” I felt lost and alone and had to rely on myself to get the help I needed. It was a long, lonely road as PPD was not talked about as openly as it is now, so I decided to take action.  Read more>>

Abbey Donahue

I’ve been a writer for as long as I could form sentences. Throughout my childhood, I always kept a notebook close by that was filled with my fantastical poems, intricate short stories, and ideas for the world’s next greatest novel. As I got older, I turned my focus to journalism and marketing – from writing news stories and press releases to blogs and social media content, I found my stride in the professional world.  While my career path has always involved some form of writing, in late 2018 I decided that I needed another creative outlet where I could not only express myself but connect with others on a personal level. With that desire, The Abbey Normal Blog was born.  Initially, the blog was focused on the trials and tribulations of early 20-somethings. I wrote about “Why Summer as an Adult is a Joke,” “11 Ways to Live More Intentionally in Your 20s,” and general lifestyle content for us younger millennials just trying to navigate life in the “real world.”  Read more>>

Cheyenne Barron

I have never been a person that is content doing one thing. Which let me say is a blessing and a curse! Growing up I was always interested in all things creative or anything where I’d able to express myself. I was lucky to find my passion in life fairly young I’d say like 5-6 grade when my mom took me and my sister to a Clinique event at Macy’s (this was before Ulta’s were a big thing yikes) I got to have my first experience with makeup. I remember my dad telling me I could wear makeup to school as long as it looked like what they did and NOTHING else! Well… that didn’t stick long! I grew up with horrible anxiety and panic attacks and I felt like makeup and content creation has always helped me cope. I was never someone that was good at sports and I have always been a private person so I would go home and watch YouTube tutorials and do makeup for hours and take photos or videos. No one even would see it but I didn’t care because I loved it so much. That’s where my love of content creation came alive.  Read more>>

Cory Miller

Junior year of high school when my friends and I had to make a video about a historical event. I found myself lying awake at night thinking of creative scenes to incorporate into our film and I volunteered a lot of time during the editing process. In hindsight, these memories were likely the planted seed to my passion for photography. However, despite my interest in high school, it took until my first year in pediatric residency to finally buy a camera. Stepping out of my comfort zone was difficult, but the choice to do so was one that changed my life. Photography has unveiled for me a passion for traveling and given me an avenue to capture moments of joy and happiness for others. Photography has propelled me around the world; from standing on the edge of Selfoss in Iceland to escapading through Portugal and Spain, finding incredible landscapes in moments of breathtaking brilliance is my driving force. It was through these journeys that I ultimately found my fervor for portraiture photography as well.  Read more>>

DJ Nico Marie

I’m a DJ and yoga instructor. I was led to deejaying when I saw an advertisement for free lessons one day about 10 years ago. The leaders of the class were Tossin’ Ted and DJ VuDu. I took the classes with them, and over time bought my own equipment and began practicing with a friend of mine, DJ Twinny Twin. I had my first DJ gig in the basement of my friend’s grandmother’s house, truly a house party. I then attended a DJ Meet and Greet which was hosted by AMPStLouis where I met Finsta and RobBoo who are important figures in the St. Louis underground music scene. They gave me the opportunity to be on an actual show, which was the SLUM Fest awards. The rest has pretty much been history after that. I ended up meeting a group called The Domino Effect and became their official DJ and a group member. Soon after that, James Biko asked me if I wanted to join a coalition full of notable & seasoned DJs called The Soulition, who throw unique & ‘Afro-progressive’ events. So, now I’m honored to be a member of Soulition & one of its sub-groups, DSKO. Since then, I’ve gotten a lot of gigs in the St. Louis creative scene simply by word of mouth and recommendation.  Read more>>

Tyra Dizon-Clark

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved candles. One of my most sentimental memories was going with my mom to St. Clair, Missouri to buy a dozen candles at a time from a woman who would make them. There was never a moment when we didn’t have a candle burning. My childhood wasn’t the most safe and stable; but growing up, candles became a symbol of safety and comfort for me. As the years went by, my love for candles never faded. I loved going to places like Bath & Body Works and White Barn to stock up on Fall and Winter scents. Even the friends that attended my bachelorette party brought candles as gifts!  Right after my wife, Darline and I got married in April of 2019, we moved to Dallas, TX. We both were born and raised in St. Louis, and it was the first time we had ever lived in a different city. I was super homesick and lonely, and Darline was sick of me spending so much money on candles. So, she bought me a candle-making kit, and from that first pour, I literally fell in love! The process of making candles was so therapeutic for me and gave me something to do on the weekends when we weren’t working.   Read more>>

Virginia Muzquiz

Virginia Muzquiz (Moose*Keys) is The Referral Diva. With over 30 years of teaching and training experience, Virginia has been developing businesses most of her life. She has consistently found referral marketing to be the most effective way to grow a business, starting with the tutoring company she began at the age of 15. As a Sales Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics, Virginia won several diamond rings and earned the use of 3 company cars over the course of six years. In 2005, Virginia left Mary Kay to take on the challenge of developing the No Child Left Behind division of a local education franchise. In just over 5 years, Virginia and her team grew the program from $0 in annual revenue at its inception in 2005 to over $2.5 million in 2011, completely by word of mouth! In 2010, Virginia opened Referral Institute to St. Louis, and in less than 3 years distinguished herself as a member of the elite Referral Institute Executive Circle.  Read more>>>

Allisha Jones-Pickens

Although my vision began as I sat in a prison cell doing a 10-year sentence, the journey that had brought me there began when I was just nine years old. A sexual abuse survivor, I dealt with low self-esteem, low self-worth, and fear at a very young age. I learned that love hurt, I learned that I wasn’t worth anything, I learned that I was unlovable and I learned that I would never amount to much. Trying to find my way in a big world with little hope, left me quite vulnerable to the evils of the world. By sixteen I was living in vacant building, being prostituted out by a vicious pimp and abused by many. The light ahead was very dim and I turned everything I experienced inward…. it had to be me, something had to be wrong with me. If not, was everything bad happening to me. I cared nothing about myself, how could I? No one else bothered to. I began to spiral; emotionally, mentally, and physically. I allowed myself to be used and abuse because somewhere deep inside I felt I deserved it. Read more>>

Melissa Cynova

I started reading tarot cards when I was 14 years old, but it didn’t become more than a hobby and pursuit until I moved to St. Louis. I started doing readings at birthday parties and at the City Museum. Before I knew it, my little tarot blog became my first book, Kitchen Table Tarot. Then one book became four, and I found myself teaching tarot internationally, and at the Omega Center.  I think that my history as a social worker and over 30 years of reading for people has made me an encyclopedia of human experience. It didn’t happen overnight, for sure, but it’s given me more compassion and taught me to talk less and listen more. Especially with folks who are often marginalized – queer and trans kids, people of color, and Black folks. My work helps me have a platform to bring attention to the folks who need it, and I’m grateful for that.  My tools – the cards – are starting to look more and more like our community, too, so it’s refreshing to see my cards updated as we all learn better.  So, I read my cards and do my podcast, and raise my kids and my animals and hang out with my husband. It’s a good life and I’m happy to have it.  Read more>>

Dani Davis

I moved to Saint Louis from Moberly, MO in 2003 to attend the University of Missouri-St. Louis. I graduated in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice. I was offered a position with the City as a Victim’s Advocate but didn’t want to start, what I thought was going to be my life career, right out of college. Since I worked for a law firm all through college, I wanted to do something fun where I could meet some people, be social, and make money. So, I applied for a cocktail server job at Van Goghz Martini Bar. I started off working 1-2 nights a week and loved it. It wasn’t too long before I was bartending and taking multiple shifts a week. Then within a year, I became the bar manager. After managing for 4-5 years, the original owners sold the business to a couple of new people. I was going to leave and find work elsewhere and try to go back into social services, but the new owners talked me into staying. So many things changed and I wasn’t happy.  Read more>>

Trezel Brown

I am the owner of CC’s Vegan Spot SoulVeganlicious, formally called CC’s Icees Galore. CC’s first opened up in a small 680 sq ft building serving Pure Italian Icees imported from the East Coast. The idea was to introduce these East Coast treats to the Midwest. Having had issues with dairy products and becoming vegan 4 years prior, I was tired of not having or not being able to enjoy the summers cold treats. Just prior to opening day, my daughter Cherrelle said, “Mom, you make the best Vegan broccoli and cheddar soup and Nachos, why don’t you add those to the menu?” Six weeks later, (July 2019), we became a full vegan restaurant without a stove to cook on. We were cooking on a hot plate and using steam warmers. CC’s began growing at an alarming rate and we had to look for a larger space. In February 2020, we signed a leased on 2500 square foot building. We took two 1250 square foot space and created this Family style, sit down full vegan restaurant with a Cafe for our customer to enjoy.  Read more>>

Laura Meyer

My background has always been in some sort of career where I was helping people. Whether it be children or adults, helping others has always been my jam! In my 20s, I was so consumed with helping my special needs students, my family, and friends that I lost sight of me and my needs. I gained a lot of weight, I was suffering from debilitating pain, migraines, IBS, and I was pre-diabetic. Even more, I had many hospitalizations due to the insufferable pain. All the doctors, a ton of pain, and no one could give me an answer, only prescribe more drugs. I was taking about 15-20 different scripts for all things pain, depression, anxiety, and sleep. I just kept getting bigger and bigger and topping out the scale around 230 lbs. The more weight I put on, the worse I felt physically and mentally.  A friend shared some info with me in regards to acid in the body and inflammation. This knowledge held power, and my researching began. I started with adding proper nutrition to my diet, 30 lbs. just fell off and I was feeling so energetic. The extra energy gave me the drive to add exercise to my daily routine. 50 more lbs. were lost once nutrition and exercise were happily working together. This made for an astonishing 40% weight loss. Read more>>

Knalah Hagens

My story began back in high school towards my last few years, I would practice filling in my eyebrows before school because I wanted them to be a bit fuller. I use to draw them on every morning, I’m pretty sure if I look back on photos now, I would be so embarrassed! The more I practiced the more I wanted to learn, I stuck with practicing my eyebrows until I felt comfortable enough to move on to something else. I kept researching and watching videos as much as I could to learn more. I started practicing foundation and eyeshadow next to really test my skills! From there I saw myself becoming better at it and really started to feel confident in my skills. It took me a while, but I eventually became confident enough to post the makeup I was doing on myself. I didn’t have a large following at all, but I already had a love for YouTube and watching tutorials on there so I figured why not try posting photos to Instagram or even posting a vlog onto YouTube.  Read more>>

Bourbon and Blondes

Bourbon and Blondes is a lifestyle brand and podcast for those who enjoy bourbon & whiskey, honest conversations, and empowering women to tell their truth. Bourbon and Blondes was created one night, after a few too many whiskeys at Brennan’s, when we decided we were amazing and should start a podcast. We decided to evolve Bourbon and Blondes into so much more than a bourbon podcast. We want to tell our truth, share our passions, talk about life and empower women. We want to change the narrative in the whiskey industry- show women it’s about taste and exploration and learning, not just a hobby for men. Abby and Alaina met at a salsa club in early January 2019. After that, we danced the night away, discovered our love of whiskey, inability to use inside voices, and our ability to be blatantly honest. We work well together because Alaina possesses the creativity and the ideas while Abby possesses the analytical and business acumen. We have similar but different stories and want to share them anyone who will listen.  Read more>>

Ty-Jai Tutson

Do you know the difference between what you enjoy doing and what brings you joy? Well… it took me a while to figure out what that means exactly. I played Basketball for the majority of my life and always found it to be fun, but also stressful. I played because I enjoyed playing but it didn’t bring me joy. Every time life felt too complicated, I would put all my feelings in the food I would create.  The culinary world always brought me joy, and I enjoyed engaging in it. Cooking is an outlet for me to take a break from whatever I with dealing with at the time, and I get to eat. One day, I had to make one of the toughest decisions of my life, so far. Am I going to keep denying Cooking, something that brought me joy, with something that I simply enjoyed doing? So, I chose what makes me happy and that is Cooking.  As you can see, I do not take my background lightly. If it wasn’t for my past experiences, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Welcome to “The Foodie Bistro”. Our mission is to show people not only what Soul food is but my version of the beautiful elevated soul food dishes I’ve created over the years.  Read more>>

Sarah Houseman

Ever since I was a kid, I loved to explore ideas through my drawings. Of course, they just started off as doodles when I was young, but as I got older, I started to investigate more complex feelings within my drawings. I knew from a young age that I wanted to be an artist and to create work that other people could enjoy.  As I went through college, I experimented with multiple different types of mediums, abstract ideas, and more. But, at the core of what I love to express within my work is the story within the piece. My favorite part about art is that anyone can interpret it in their own unique way. This allows each person to find something they can relate to within that piece.  Now, after being graduated for about a year, I am starting to dive into my storytelling again. Experimenting with world-building and characters to make the viewer even more immersed within the feeling of the piece.  Read more>>

Evangeline Bauer

Come Play, STL was created to give children and families a better, well-rounded approach to pediatric mental health by bringing together both behavioral health and medical services. We believe utilizing a multidisciplinary team of professionals is crucial in working towards the best possible outcome for the child and streamlining therapies for the parents. Come Play, STL opened its doors in 2017 with one Play Therapist, one Occupational Therapist, and one Psychological Evaluator. Since then, we have grown to a team of 14 members and are still expanding!  Come Play, STL is located in a beautiful space in South City St. Louis. Our clinic is designed to make children and their families feel comfortable in our space. Kids like it so much they often express wishing they could “come to Come Play every day!” The rock-climbing wall, treehouse, sand tray, and swings are some of our clients’ favorite therapeutic equipment and make coming to therapy fun.  Read more>>

Brandon Washington

Along with his sister Lauren Washington, Brandon Washington is 1/2 of the Co-Founders of Project FILO – a creative hub & artist incubator for and by artists. Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, Brandon is an entrepreneur striving to reshape the global creative space for good. Along with being a founder, he is also a freelance writer for Lyrical Lemonade and serves as the primary A&R for FILO. If there is anything certain about Brandon, it is that he never limits himself to one particular craft of expertise, for he aspires to achieve mastery in as many trades possible.  Read more>>

Gina Sachs

The thought for started about four years ago, during a time in my life that I felt my identity had been completely lost to wife and motherhood. A close friend had asked me what lit me up inside. I really loved doing kind things for others. She said great now think of a way to monetize it. So, it became something that I would escape my days thinking about and then after everyone else had fallen asleep I’d stay up late fiddling around with it online. It wasn’t until the Covid shutdown that I realized I could no longer live my life in a dream world and I needed to make it a reality.  Read more>>

Chris Raghebi

My journey to practicing law began in 2009. I was unable to attend my college graduation at the University of MO- St. Louis campus, so I had to pick up my diploma after the fact. It was a rainy day and there was a water main break on University Blvd.  I picked up my diploma and was heading back to the highway when I had to stop my car. Due to the water main break, all the cars were waiting for an opportunity to go around it and get on the highway. I waited for my turn, and that’s when I saw the lights in my rearview mirror.  After a, let’s just say, “unpleasant” confrontation with the Cool Valley police department, I found myself face down on the shoulder of the highway entrance ramp in the pouring rain while a police officer aggressively searched through my car. All for what should have been a routine traffic stop.  I had been previously considering getting an MBA since at the time, it was very difficult for someone to get an entry-level job due to the Great Recession. But during that traffic stop, I decided to abandon the idea of getting an MBA and go to law school because I never wanted this to happen to me again.  Read more>>


Terri Campbell

Working in the foodservice industry, I learned that wherever there is good food and drinks, there is a good time. I worked parties where corporations and people would spend thousands on a good time. I found my niche with that process and figured out how I could do something I enjoy, could create my own brand. Using my creativity and skill to appeal to a target market to generate revenue was ideal. I would practice when my friends came over and post what I had on my social media. That was in 2015 and it’s 2021. Now I have customers that tell me when they are traveling from out of town, they stop by to get some Lush Libations. Read more>>

Caren Libby

My photography journey began when I had young children. I had a passion for art and enjoyed sketching and painting while I was growing up. When I began exploring the endless possibilities that I could achieve with my camera, I was hooked for life.  My professional career includes sales, marketing, and management positions for three corporations in St. Louis, Missouri. In 1997, I started my first company as an independent sales representative in Northern California. Image Media, LLC was launched in Missouri in 2008 as a photography business. I’ve photographed families, individuals, and special events in a variety of settings. My specialty is natural light photography on location in the metro St. Louis area.  During the first year of my photography business, I learned how to build websites in WordPress and expand my opportunities with digital marketing. I’ve provided creative services in branding, web design, blogging, email newsletters, and social media programs to corporations, small businesses, and solopreneurs for more than 12 years. Read more>>

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    September 20, 2021 at 4:00 pm

    Greetings and congratulations on the launch of VoyageSTL. From the perspective of a former columnist (St. Louis Post-Dispatch and publisher (Take Five Magazine 1987-2003) and current writer with the St. Louis American, I can honestly say I am impressed with your work. Already, it seems to be a refreshing addition to the region’s sometimes stale media landscape. – Good luck with your venture.-Sincerely, Sylvester Brown, Jr.

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