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The Most Inspiring Stories in St. Louis

The heart of our mission is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our communities. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some incredible artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with the incredible group below. Check out our favorite stories from across the Voyage family.

Charity Ragain

After nearly 20 years of existing in an unhealthy and toxic marriage, one that was steeped in addiction, and emotional and verbal abuse, I finally gathered the courage and strength to walk away. It was around this time that I also experienced a spiritual awakening. This awakening was the catalyst for profound change in my life, I began exploring different modalities to support my healing on all levels: emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally. My seeking for healing was not only for the divorce but for a lifetime of living with dysfunction, trauma, and pain. In the past, I had tried the “western” way of dealing with emotions and life’s situations only to find myself returning to a dysfunctional state after a time of reprieve. This time around I knew I wanted to get to the core, the root cause of the issues, and heal them once and for all. So, I began to seek out alternative healing modalities that would do just that. Read more>>

Shannon Conner

I moved to the St. Louis area about 13 years ago from southern California. I was out there for school and had started working in my field of fashion design. I quickly realized that was not the career path I wanted to be on, so when I moved to the mid-west to be with my now-husband, I was looking for something new. He was a photographer, a few years into his business, and since that was something I also enjoyed I threw myself into learning all about the technical side of photography as well as running a small business. We primarily shot weddings initially, and for many years that was all we did. Then we decided we were ready to start building our family, and I wanted to have a boudoir photoshoot to capture my body in all its pre-baby glory! I had my session on a trip back to California to visit friends, and I fell in LOVE. Read more>>

Deja McGhaw

In 2009, while pursuing a degree in Broadcast Digital Journalism, I developed a passion for social media. My goal was to become a news anchor, but God led me in a different direction. During my senior year of college, I recall my professor telling me “you are going to be a social media manager.” This was before many brands, businesses, and even churches used it in its capacity, so the idea sounded silly. This was not even considered a job back then! On my personal page, I would always share things such as church updates, and encouragement. My church noticed this and they ask me to serve as a social media manager. I remember back then my Pastor at the time Apostle Larry J. Baylor told me, “You know you could go around to all churches and help them set up their social media. He said, “It could be your business!” Read more>>

Gregory & Adama Chisley

Chisley’s Scrub Boutique is a medical scrub company inspired by two healthcare professionals who saw a need in the scrub wear industry. Gregory has a background in Pharmacy, and Adama is currently a Registered Travel Nurse. Both combined we have over 15+ years of experience in the healthcare field. We’re both healthcare professionals and know exactly how it felt wearing those big, bulky, and uncomfortable unisex scrubs. In May of 2021, we decided to make a change and start our own scrub company. Here at Chisley’s Scrub Boutique, we not only offer affordable, comfortable, and fashionable scrub wear, but we also offer a variety of medical accessories. One of our key values is to offer great customer service to our clients, friends, and family members. Our mission is to provide elite medical scrub apparel & accessories for all healthcare, cosmetology, and fitness professionals around the world. Read more>>

Amanda Compton

Over the years, my husband and I (with a hunting passion and science background) have always cared for our land; we cut down trees, cultivated soil for new/improved growth, planted hundreds of trees, and utilized the lumber we could salvage from these endeavors. In 2019, we begin building our home. In 2020, the pandemic put a halt to the building process due to prices, and we started building it ourselves. Within those confines, we used the lumber we milled (and had been drying for years) to showcase in our home by either structure or design. This is how I got my start. Caring for my land, caring for my trees, caring for my lumber, and now living in a home full of lumber that once stood here as a tree. In 2021, I took the year off of teaching (12 years in the profession) to raise my son. This business opportunity presented itself, and my family sprung on it. We wholeheartedly believed in the company’s values and knew we wanted to take it nationwide. Read more>>

Puja Patel

I feel like the beginning of my story is typical for a first-generation kid. When it came time to choose a college major, I chose a pre-med track at Saint Louis University, because in my head it was either that or Pre-Law. When you hear about the struggles your parents have gone through to get to where they are, you want to do everything to make them proud. Unfortunately, I was not as dedicated to the idea of being a doctor as I had hyped myself up to be in high school. I wanted to believe it, but I was terrible at Chemistry. I suddenly had no idea what I was going to do, and I chose to continue my studies in Psychology for the sake of graduating. After graduating in 2013, it was a weird state of post-grad limbo doing random jobs from serving on the riverboats to after-school childcare. Read more>>

Annie Zigman

In December 2019, I moved to NYC to pursue my acting career. As you can assume, that did not go as planned due to the pandemic starting just weeks later. I quickly became isolated in a city where I knew no one and unemployed all within a few days. My anxiety was rapidly getting worse and I knew I needed a coping mechanism while performing was on a hiatus. I started needle pointing to fill my time and calm my nerves: needlepoint was an activity that helped me a lot when I was bedridden from a car accident a few years ago. I figured if it could help me then, it could be beneficial now, too. I quickly became obsessed with stitching and although it didn’t fill the void of zero theatres in my life, it did provide a fantastic creative outlet. One day, I brought in a few of my own designs to my local needlepoint store to pick out some matching thread. Read more>>

Bigg KY

Born and raised in St. Louis. I grew up in Glasgow Village. As a kid, I was always interested in music. I always wanted to be involved in it but didn’t know in which way. I used to play around with recording apps on the iPhone and beat-making apps as a kid. 2018 was the first time I stepped into a studio and I’ve never looked back since. I’ve dropped seven projects since 2018 and gearing up for another in May 2022. Read more>>

David Lyve

Well hey! Let me first thank you for allowing me to be a part of this incredible series, God bless you! So my story starts like many others, I was a 7-year-old boy that found out I had a gift that turned into a dream of moving the masses through song. I was as surprised as my parents were when I realized I could sing any hit song that came on the radio, so of course, I was led to my local Richmond talent show! Nervous and anxious I began my performing career at the age of 8 singing and dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” with a full white suit and hat! Thanks, mom! It didn’t take long for me to audition at my local church ‘Mt. Olive Baptist Church’ and snag a spot on the youth choir where my first solo ‘Oh Happy Day’ was met with raucous applause and intense worship of God. I loved every minute of that! Read more>>

Rosie Vogt

I’ve always loved decorating for the seasons and various holidays. For some time, I got my inspiration from Pinterest and later Instagram. Suddenly, I found myself being quarantined and bedridden with COVID Pneumonia during November and December of 2020 for over three weeks, and I was Netflix’d out. In week 4, I was slowly regaining some strength and was able to decorate for the holiday’s little bits at a time. Eventually, I combined my love for decoration and started posting my results on social media. A few months after, I received an email about a gifted collaboration and figured ‘why not?’ Then, I received another email and this piqued my interest so I began researching ways to do other collaborations. One year and 5k followers later I’m now a bit more selective about the collaborations I do in a month. You don’t see many women starting their influencer journey at my age but I’m definitely having a lot of fun with it. Read more>>

Roderick Wilbon

I’ve always been a writer since I was a kid. I’d write stories all the time, and I loved to read. Books were a fantastical world for me, and the library was my second home. However, I liked science and biology once I entered grade school. These two were my conflicting job pursuing life passions. I attended Hazelwood Central High and graduated in 2004. My goals at the time were to go to Southeast Missouri State University. At the time, I wanted to be a Biologist, and my mother was an Alum at SEMO. I did one year at SEMO and decided to come back home to Saint Louis to finish my degree later. Eventually, I winded up at Saint Louis Community College, which was very affordable in 2015. I was pursuing an Associate’s in Biotechnology, and I essentially knocked out all my core gen ed classes I needed for college, whether at the state level or not. Read more>>

Dwight Carter

I started my career in the music business. I attended Fontbonne University where I received a degree in Music Business and then extended my college years to get a Communication/PR degree. Music started when I was in the seventh grade when I got a bass guitar for Christmas. My grandfather was a musician so I was around music my whole early life. When I was in college I started an organization called the Society of Musical Diversity. This organization basically coordinated on-campus concerts. The school student government-funded my organization to book entertainment on campus. This began my event coordinating journey. It started out with being bored with the on-campus activities and needing to put my music business degree to work!I fell in love with entertainment marketing while pursuing my music business degree. After college, I spent 12 years working in the music business promoting concerts, managing and promoting bands, and working as a record label marketing rep before being drawn to the fashion event industry. Read more>>

Lauren Meredith

I started modeling about eight years ago. It all started when a girl I know was signed with an agency but one of her regular photographers wanted to work with a ballerina. I had always wanted to get into modeling & this seemed like the perfect way to get into it. Now that I’m 30, I have hung up my pointe shoes & have been expanding my modeling portfolio ever since. I don’t do a lot of dance-style photoshoots because most people don’t understand that 30 is old for a ballerina with back issues, not to mention I can do so much more. I don’t like to be put into a box or, as Johnny Castle once said, “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.” Read more>>

Elle Fitzgibbons

I started photographing people while away at college – I’ve always loved capturing the essence of an individual. My first attempt at school didn’t work out, unfortunately, so I moved back to St. Louis around 2015. I was intrigued by fashion, so I began implementing my love of it in my portrait work. Instagram was how I’d come across different models and other photographers! I built up a side business this way while working full-time at various places. I’m most recently proud of beginning a blog on nonbinary & transgender portraits/fashion, called Infinite Spectrum (@infinitespectrumblog on Insta). This is my absolute passion, and I am hoping I might travel the Midwest soon collecting more portraits of unique folks. Read more>>

Kash Boss

I tapped into the transportation industry through my fiance who holds a commercial driver’s license. We started with opening a moving and transportation company then eventually ventured out into opening a dispatch service company, Primetime Dispatch. We offer services to truck drivers who own their own trucks to help them locate work for their trucks and to help them grow financially. Additionally, Primetime Dispatch trains individuals who want to start their own truck dispatching businesses, assist with filing their business, creating websites, business cards, etc. We travel across the U.S. hosting classes and seminars regarding the trucking industry and dispatching with St. Louis being one of the cities we visit. Read more>>

Matthew R. Kerns

Matthew R. Kerns, MFA. President & Artistic Director. St. Lou Fringe. Matthew is a John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts award-winning educator, critically acclaimed theatre performance artist featured in American Theatre Magazine and a 2020 St. Louis Business Journal Diverse Business Leaders Award recipient. Matthew has been an Executive Producer, Director, and Artistic Director for Off-Loop Theatre [Chicago], Off-Broadway Theatre [New York], Reparatory Theatre [California], Regional Theatre [Iowa, Missouri, Colorado], and Educational Theatre [Chicago, California, Colorado, Iowa, Missouri]. Matthew’s artistic portfolio includes original performances [Xmas Carol, Chicken, Life in the Fastlane], Immersive events [Gay Fantasia, Home], and standard plays and musicals [Noises Off, For Colored Girls… Frost/ Nixon]. Read more>>

Antonia Young

My name is Antonia Young and I’m an independent neon bender, artist, and designer. I was born in Ningbo, China, and grew up just outside New York City. As the first generation child of a children’s book illustrator and an art director, I developed an early love for stories, finding beauty in the imperfect, playful, and in-between. Today, I continue my art practice and take select neon commissions. I’ve created work for private clients and businesses locally as well as across the country and I love to always be learning as I create. Read more>>

Sydney Rodgers

In 2020, I took the incentive to create my own podcast, Annoyed Not Offended. I’ve always enjoyed storytelling, along with discussing pop culture, politics, and more with my friends. I had a focus on mass media during college and was intrigued then at the growing popularity of podcasts but never could find the time to start. After graduating, I began working in public relations which focuses on strategic communication that builds mutually beneficial relationships between brands/organization and their audience. As I worked more in the industry I grew to understand both the impact and art of communication through storytelling. When storytelling is done correctly and with care, its power is unmatched and can forge connections between people, ideas, and innovations. Helping craft important narratives allowed me to bridge passion with purpose. Read more>>

Beth Finder

Pride St. Charles was formed by a mother’s concern for her son’s safety and emotional well-being after he came out at the age of 14. During their involvement with St. Charles PFLAG, the family realized the St. Charles County area needed more LGBTQIA+ acceptance. They wanted their son to live in a community where he doesn’t have to fear being himself. It was clear that someone needed to do something. While tabling at Pride St. Louis in 2014 with St. Charles PFLAG, VP of St. Charles PFLAG Beth Finder was told that there were not currently any Pride celebrations in the St. Charles County area. Upon this realization, Beth realized that this was the perfect opportunity to create something wonderful. With the help of PFLAG President, Jill Aul began the task of getting community members to help with their initial idea, a Pride picnic for the community. After several public meetings with enthusiastic community support, their efforts were the grassroots of what is now the Pride St. Charles festival. Read more>>

Shanika Benson

I started in the summer of 2005… I was looking for additional income due to I was a new mother and real estate was always an interest of mine I had a real estate investor friend who also encouraged me to look into getting my license. Read more>>

Courtney Ponder

Covid had forced us to think outside the box, and Chase and I had both lost our jobs. We both thought we were down on our luck. However, it pushed us to the next level in our lives. Chase took up a few jobs to make ends meet while I did side jobs painting and I loved it! Chase told me to keep at it even though it was unsteady because he felt my passion for it. After a few months of just making enough to pay Bill, I had contacted a real estate investor, Matt who promised steady work. Eventually, Matt wanted us to get our LLC and insurance to be a real company, with his help and a few hours of reading we were actually legit and jobs were easier to come by. Looking back on the whole experience, I feel Covid had actually inspired us to persevere. And no matter how bad things seem there are always positives to situations. Read more>>

Mars Sinclair

I have been making up songs in my head my whole life, but never thought too much of it. Then when I was about 14 years old, I decided to teach myself to play guitar. After playing covers and learning enough chords, I was able to write some of my own songs. I started writing songs as an outlet for my emotions. In fact, one of the first songs I wrote on the guitar was written as a lullaby to help me fall asleep when I was anxious. But back then, I didn’t think my songwriting abilities were anything special and I didn’t have many aspirations in life. Thus, many years passed before I started taking my songwriting seriously. It wasn’t until after the COVID-19 lockdown in my junior year of high school that I would begin writing again. Read more>>

Makeda Swanks

I have been sewing since I was a little girl making sock dresses for my Barbie. I learned how to make wigs on the sewing machine the first time operating, then took an interest in sewing garments. I took up exotic dancewear in March of 2021. I have been making exotic dancewear for a year now, and love it. I improved my sewing within a few months with consistency and determination. Read more>>

Debrionna Reese

Ever since a young child, I have always had a passion for cooking. It started out watching my mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother cook for family gatherings and celebrations. However, just watching wasn’t enough and I couldn’t wait to become older and taller so I could physically cook. Once I was able to cook on my own, I never stopped cooking and I have only gotten better. Now that I am older, I am able to host brunch and dinners for my mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and other members of my family. Read more>>

Andre Johnson

My journey as a comedian started when I was only 16 years old. I posted a funny video on YouTube that reached over 400k views. A group of kids I went to school with were already on YouTube making skits. After seeing how funny I was, they asked me to be in one of their videos. That video reached 500k views on their channel. I wouldn’t go on to be in another skit until my senior year of high school. And that’s when I would finally go viral after being in a video called “How Ni**** Act At School. The video reached millions on the internet between Facebook and YouTube. Then a group was formed called Highlifecomedy. The group was able to reach 70k subscribers on YouTube but we all were focused on going to college so we never pushed our page and made content like we were supposed to. After going to college, playing collegiate basketball, and living my life for years without doing comedy fans would always see me out in public and ask for pictures or write me on social media. Read more>>

ChaNel Brezz

The story of my life is my mother had me at 37 years old, being the baby of 4 other girls in a house. I came from nothing due to my mother being on drugs really bad and my dad was too but he was a truck driver, he was always gone, and my two oldest sisters were very talented at basketball and both got scholarships but couldn’t go to college. I and my other sisters were on the edge of getting killed because my mom stole drugs and money from the drug dealer so we got taken and put in shelters, morel of the story is now I made it out of the hood. I have a beautiful daughter that’s eight years of age and I drive for the metro making a really nice salary with my CDL(s). Read more>>

Adrianne Blakemore

I have been an educator for over ten years and every school that I had ever taught closed due funders were no longer looking to fund the charter school. After bouncing from school to school I was getting tired of feeling like I was always starting over and with the upcoming birth of a son in 2019, I could no longer allow that to happen. Therefore, I made the decision to step away from the classroom and choose a different career path. I received the opportunity to work as a disabilities coordinator for an amazing company and everything was going great until the company decided that they were going to merge with another company. I know anything about mergers employees are not sure who will be going over to the new company, therefore, it’s a waiting game. Read more>>

Benedetta Orsi

Born and raised in Italy (Bologna), I started my career at the age of 14 participating in Broadway shows in my country. I received my bachelor’s degree in Music & Voice in 2008 from Istituto Pareggiato O. Vecchi & A. Tonelli in Modena, Italy, and a Master’s in Voice in 2009 from Regia Accademia Filarmonica in Bologna, Italy. During that period, I was selected as one of the ten best singers to attend Ms. Teresa Berganza’s masterclasses in León, Spain and after that, I had my debut in England in the three of Donizetti’s Tudor Operas: Anna Bolena, Roberto Devereux and Maria Stuarda. After some successful masterclasses and many first prizes won in International Competitions in the States, I was offered a working visa by the Alexander&Buono Foundation. Read more>>

Hybrie Jenae

How did I get here? My story begins with dreams and nightmares. Growing up, I always knew I wanted to be a writer. I would read all summer and daydream about the stories I wanted to share with the world someday. I remember waking up from bad dreams and spending hours writing until I was able to go to bed. Journaling, writing poetry and short stories were my remedies. When I became an adult, my need to understand anxiety and other mental health disorders, lead me to pursue a career as a mental health provider. But my own personal healing wasn’t far behind. I learned through my studies how effective expressive healing is and made a personal commitment to keep writing to cope with life’s challenges. Read more>>

Hayley Tomazic

My real estate career began as a child watching my father build his homebuilding business. I loved tagging along to the title companies, and for fun would drag my mother to display homes on weekends. Needless to say, real estate was in my blood. I went to the University of Dayton where I majored in Entrepreneurship and Marketing, creating a great foundation for my future career. My first job out of college was selling new homes for a homebuilder in Dayton, Ohio, and being St. Louis born and raised, I came back home three years later. I started my company in 2007 with the intent to renovate homes and sell them. The real estate market had other plans, (the housing crash of 2008) and I quickly pivoted to utilizing my real estate license and skills to help friends and family. Along the way, I was married, had two amazing children, and continued to grow my business as a work-at-home mom. Read more>>

Kamiyah Matthews

Back in 2018, I started one of my very first businesses called Sip With Style Beverage Covers. So before we heard about the word COVID-19, I used to go out gathering and I always see people covering their drinks with their hands, paper towels, or whatever they decided to use. So as the time, months, days, and years go by, I said let me make something that people can use to cover their drinks when they are out. Like I didn’t want it to just be boring, so I made something sexy/classy that they can use. I even made a place where they can use a straw. So how it got me to where I’m at today is now that I put my brand on all social media platforms I attract more customers. Read more>>

Jackie Huebbe

That’s a long story! I have been passionate about baking and creating delicious things for as long as I can remember. It’s what I’ve always been the happiest doing. I was discouraged by friends and family when I wanted to make it my career because the hours are long and the work isn’t easy. As a result, I tried to make the desk job lifestyle work, and it was a disaster. I was unhappy, and it just wasn’t fulfilling. I baked at home after work nearly every day and started to hone my recipes into things I was proud of while I made plans to leave office life. By 2010, I began working nights and weekends in area bakeries and cafes to gain commercial kitchen experience. In 2012, I had the unique opportunity to rent commercial kitchen space by the hour, and SugarBot Sweet Shop was officially born. By 2014, I had graduated culinary school and moved into a brick-and-mortar storefront space full time. In 2015, SugarBot Sweet Shop expanded again, this time into a permanently purchased storefront. Read more>>

Kimmi-K Smith

I started doing Plus Size Modeling in 2007, I was born and raised in St. Louis, MO, but relocated to Nashville, TN in 1999. I was really insecure about my weight back then and had little confidence. I started looking online and found Mia Amber Davis-she passed away in 2011, I believe. I started researching her and started to love myself because she was just like me. I hired a Model Coach and started practicing for the runway. My coach also showed me how to go to castings, how to pose, and to learn my angles as a plus-size woman. From there, I took off! I have walked for companies such as Lane Bryant, Ashley Stewarts, DEB Fashions (Prom Line), DMichelle Designs, and God’s Princess to name a few. I also walked in Nashville Fashion Week, and also Murfreesboro Fashion week. Read more>>

April Jackson

I started my nonprofit organization in January of 2021. Gracious Helpers Foundation, provide assistance to less fortunate families in the Saint Louis region such as food, clothes, household essentials, and help with their utility bills. Growing up in Saint Louis, I’ve endured a lot of challenges in my life, which kind of helped mold me into the person I am today. I was placed in foster care at the age of 5 and ever since I was a little girl, my dream was to start a business where I can help keep families together and out of the system. Starting my nonprofit wasn’t easy at all, because I didn’t have a clue on how to operate a nonprofit organization. With the help of the community, I was able to build my brand and help over 500 families get the things they need to provide for their children. Everyone is going through different challenges in their lives right now with or without a stable income, so that’s where I come in and try to help the community as much as I can and let them know that someone out there cares. I understand because I’ve been there before and I know what’s like to not have any kind of support. Read more>>

Jennifer Slouha

I have always enjoyed creating artwork. My earliest memory of this is creating massive drawings on long rolls of paper that I stretched out on the floor throughout the length of the dining room. I think I was about five years old at that time. I remember spending a good portion of my childhood just drawing. I also remember getting really frustrated at a young age when I could not accurately draw what I saw. I think that was one of my first real art goals, to draw a realistic representation of the world around me. I grew up in a very dysfunctional family so I used artwork as an escape. I dreamed of going to art school, but that was not an option for me. I had to get a class B commercial driver’s license for driving a grain truck when I turned eighteen and then help my father with his custom harvesting business right after I graduated high school. After the harvest season was over, I looked for a paying job that I could focus on. I found work at a telemarketing company where I often trained new employees. I met Shane when the transmission went out in my car. Read more>>

Angela Hall

My family and I always decorated in some form or fashion for holidays and birthdays. I used balloons but not to the extent that I do today. At the time, I didn’t even know one could be so creative with balloons in all different shapes and colors. So in the year 2021, my family and I threw my younger sister a surprise birthday party. It was a Movie theme for outside to watch a movie on a projector. I wanted to do something special for her because she is a giver, very nice, and always has her family’s back when in need. So I looked up some videos on YT on how to decorate for a movie party and ran across a video for a balloon garland… I watched a few videos ordered some balloons from Amazon for my party theme and attempted to make a garland the night before. I didn’t have half the knowledge I have now about the oxidation of balloons when outside. Read more>>

Jaylen Green

Well, my story is in the process as a young artist in music and art-making the best covers on beats in the studio, I started writing at the beginning of middle school and I really fell off with it until I graduated high school, I picked up a different flow then the city is usually to So I made sure my sound is pretty unique. I plan on dropping my songs on Cali and Chicago and New York radios by the end of the year I’m already getting big industry exposure with just four songs. Read more>>

Matthew Nagel

Going into my last semester of undergraduate, I was more interested in chasing my dream of playing professional soccer than figuring out a job. My advisor made me a deal: take the LSAT and apply to three law schools, and he’d let me mail in the assignments for the last semester. It sounded like a good deal to me, and I got accepted to Yale, the University of Chicago, and Washington University. After a serious injury, I ended up coming back to St. Louis, and my backup plan at Wash U became the path forward. I learned how to be a lawyer by working at several mid-sized firms in town that focused on insurance defense work. At first, this was interesting, working with businesses to solve problems and then implement solutions to prevent those problems from happening again. Read more>>

Kalie Berin

When I was in Middle School, my answer to the question ‘what do you want to be when you grow up? was always ‘a photographer’ and that’s where it stopped. I always loved taking photos and knew I had a natural ability but when it came time to choose a career, I didn’t consider photography as something I could realistically do. Instead, I earned my Master’s degree in teaching and went on to teach for 11 years- hating almost every minute of it. Fast forward to the start of the Pandemic and I knew that if I didn’t quit teaching then, I never would. When I thought about what I loved doing, it came back to photography. I bought my first DSLR and spent lock-down teaching myself how to shoot in manual, mostly using my (at the time) 2-year-old daughter as my subject. Read more>>

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    September 20, 2021 at 4:00 pm

    Greetings and congratulations on the launch of VoyageSTL. From the perspective of a former columnist (St. Louis Post-Dispatch and publisher (Take Five Magazine 1987-2003) and current writer with the St. Louis American, I can honestly say I am impressed with your work. Already, it seems to be a refreshing addition to the region’s sometimes stale media landscape. – Good luck with your venture.-Sincerely, Sylvester Brown, Jr.

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