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Today we would like to introduce you to  Andrew Goodman, owner of Aquarius Wellness  Center for Healing Arts in Richmond Heights, a  synopsis of whose Wellness odyssey of  adventure and self-discovery you will find  below. 

Born and raised in St. Louis County, Andrew  Goodman, founder and owner of Aquarius  Wellness Center for Healing Arts, one of St.  Louis’s most unique, premiere destination day  spas and wellness havens, has traveled the world  and been enriched and changed by his  experiences! “I feel as if my whole life has  been one giant adventure in nature and around  the planet with the main theme being a search  for my purpose, my calling,” says Goodman.  “My business represents a synthesis of many of  my diverse interests to find something that feels  like it is giving back to the world, helping  people and helping the planet.”

That may seem a tall order for a three-room  suite tucked away in an unassuming office plaza  along Clayton Road in Richmond Heights, but  the 62-year-old St. Louisan isn’t running any  ordinary establishment. This is the culmination  point of a long held dream being realized in  Goodman’s newest adventure, to be “in service  to a happier, healthier, more peaceful planet,  one person…and tree at a time!”, via his unique  venue that combines the personality of a full service spa with the spirit of a comfortable,  hideaway retreat, right in his own hometown. 

An oasis of calm in the heart of a Midwestern  city may seem like an anomaly these days,  however, inside Aquarius, Goodman’s dream of  a respite of restfulness and holistic care for  mind, body, and spirit, has clearly taken shape  over the years, organically, almost like a lotus  flower blooming if you will! Patrons are greeted  by a cozy waiting area with plump leather  seating and effortless ambiance, subtly inviting  guests into another world, described as “Narnia” by several of them!  

Soothing sounds of the ocean wash over every  visitor as they enter, accented by soul-stirring  music and heavenly aromatherapy scents. His  tagline of “Sanctuary for the Senses” is quite  appropriate in fact as Aquarius guests are  treated to a choice of wine, tea, and German  chocolate as well, just to round out their  complete sensory experience.  

Goodman’s diverse and wide ranging  background made him the perfect man for this  mission! Growing up in University City, in  some ways Andrew’s resume reads a bit like a  novel, which isn’t surprising for someone whose  eclectic history includes a summer canoe poling  and paddling through intense whitewater rapids  in the Allagash Wilderness Waterway of  Maine’s deep woods as a young teenager,  bicycle touring the highlands of Scotland on a  semester abroad studying German, helping a  homesteader build a log cabin in Alaska after a stint processing salmon on a fishing boat in  Bristol Bay, competitive outrigger canoeing on  the Big Island of Hawaii where he moved in  pursuit of Ashtanga Yoga, and where he met  and studied with K. Pattabhi Jois, the Indian  yoga master who introduced vinyasa yoga to the  West, and picking grapes on a friend’s vineyard  in France.  

His most formative education however, may  have begun with a massage he received in  Boulder, Colorado in the early 1980s. “It was  kind of a revelation,” Goodman recalled of the  experience. This profound memory lay dormant  as his odyssey of exploration and adventure  continued for several more years while he  searched for how to apply his particular set of  skills and interests.  

His continued travels took him to Massachusetts  where he studied macrobiotics and worked on a  farm making miso, a traditional Japanese  fermented product made from grains, beans and sea salt, and used as a soup base, and building a  timber frame house for the owners. It was  during the next winter of x-country skiing in  Vermont that he resolved to hike the entire  Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine for  his 30th birthday, all 2138 miles of it, followed  by a year working at the Kripalu Yoga Center,  and another year circumnavigating the globe,  punctuated by six months at an Ashram in India,  where he further developed his interest in  Wholistic Massage Therapy. It then took him  almost a whole year hiatus in Montreal to digest  the previous 5 years of frenetic travel and  adventure! 

It was during his subsequent travels in Europe,  crossing the continent from France to Finland,  where the ancient traditions of Spa began, that  he started to cross-fertilize concepts of these locales with ideas internalized while in India. “I  was seeing Wellness facilities in Europe I had  not seen in the States, and I thought of  combining what I was seeing here with my memories of what I had experienced in India. I  thought that if I could create an amalgam of my  experiences on the two continents and bring  something like that back to the States in the  form of a Wellness Center, it would be a real  winner!” 

Upon returning to the U.S., Goodman chose to  build upon his massage training in India by  getting certified at a wonderful alternative  community in Northern California, and has  since gained experience as a massage therapist  at nearly a dozen different institutions on the  West Coast and in Missouri. It was an exciting  time when a renaissance of sorts was taking  place for American spas as people began to  focus more on preventive services, natural  healing, and sustainable wellness practices. 

Yet, with the industry experiencing explosive  growth almost overnight, Goodman found there  were many less-than-ideal “spa solutions” that  came with that growth spurt. Treatment rooms 

might be uncomfortable or too sterile.  Therapists may not be sufficiently trained to  address client needs and, all too often, an  excessive focus on retail might taint the whole  experience.  

At one California establishment Goodman was  let go because he refused to push slimming gel  and cellulite cream products he didn’t believe  in. “I was keeping a mental list of things that  bugged me,” he chuckled. “What Aquarius  Wellness represents is my attempt to address all  of the various pet peeves I was accumulating  over the course of 15 years from all the places I  had worked, and where I was often embarrassed  charging clients for services that I knew were  substandard for one reason or another due to the  establishment not paying sufficient attention to  the physical container for what they were  offering!” 

The results are impressive! Fusing the  contemporary and the classical into a luxurious, 

inviting treasure in which clients interact with  caring, professional staff, his vision created a  home away from home ambiance for guests.  “Individuals feel relaxed as soon as they arrive,  and that goes a long way towards delivering  what they hope to receive from our services  when they feel calm just by being in the space.  But a beautiful space isn’t enough, it’s  ultimately about the service providers and the  services they are providing,” he said.  

“We are highly selective about whom we invite  to work with us, knowing how critical it is that  they be exemplary in their technical abilities for  

sure, but also in their emotional intelligence,  communication, and hospitality skills as well.”  In a world in which people are often harried and  hurried, Aquarius provides an escape for the  senses and the soul. Providing wellness for  others is Goodman’s biggest adventure yet. “It  is very gratifying to have found something that  is creating so much pleasure for everyone  involved, both clients and wellness professionals alike!” 

Reflecting the organization’s commitment to  green practices, the materials and furnishings  used were selected as much as possible with the  environment in mind – from the comfortably  cushioned, sustainably harvested cork floors, to  the low-VOC paint that doesn’t give off toxic  chemicals, to the hand-hewn furnishings and  wall art that support craftsmen in underdeveloped nations. Clients enjoy their visit  in the glow of energy-efficient LEDs which last  for thousands of hours and use far less energy  than traditional lighting.  

It is a fitting theme for a place centered on  wholistic practices. Therapeutic massage,  facials, and various mind/body offerings are all  part of a comprehensive menu of services  offered to clients. “I’m trying to create a place  where whatever one’s soul is longing for, they  can find somebody addressing that,” said  Goodman. 

“My tagline is Sanctuary for the Senses. The  goal was to create a space that seamlessly  addresses every sense, providing calmness,  serenity, and restoration to one’s entire being, so  that our clients can return to the world, and their  purpose in it, with renewed vigor, optimism, and  determination!” 

And good people are the key to making this  singular concept weave together harmoniously.  Experienced professionals in massage therapy  and skin and beauty care utilize not just the  most effective techniques and highest-quality  products, but also bring a warm, relaxing, client centered approach, and strong positive energy to  their practice.  

Aquarius is about soothing not selling, as  Goodman and his staff strive to take the retail  out of relaxation! Which is not to say they don’t  have a wonderful selection of Wellness products  to compliment their service offerings, but just  that it is more left up to the guest to initiate the conversation if they see something in a display  case that catches their eye. 

Goodman hopes one day to create an off-the grid-green destination retreat center on rolling  acreage within an hour of downtown St. Louis,  which would include everything from traditional  spa services and the healthiest food grown on  the property, to an educational component for  green and sustainable practices, all set in a  botanical garden. “Wellness cuts across all  aspects of how we live,” said Goodman. “We all  need wellness, from what we put into our  mouths, to how we take care of our bodies, to  how we look after the planet.” 

How can people work with you, collaborate  with you, or support you?
As a wellness professional, are you working in  an environment that reflects your value…and  your values? 

Perhaps it’s time for a change of scenery…and we know just the place! 

To Feel Respected, Valued, and Fairly  Rewarded for Your Talents 

Is the Greatest Sense of Nourishment and  Fulfillment! 

Located in the heart of St. Louis County,  Aquarius Wellness is a premier destination day  spa that is as comforting for its staff as it is for  its clients. We are proud to offer a warm and  soothing “Home Away from Home”  environment that is a place of refuge, solace,  and inspiration for all who enter it. 

As we prepare to gradually reopen our facility  after remaining closed for over a year due to  COVID-19, we are seeking licensed,  experienced, and caring massage therapists to  administer a full treatment menu in our spa, a  true Sanctuary for the Senses. 

Why Aquarius Wellness? We are a people-first  brand that offers the following to our dedicated 

and talented staff: 

40% commission + gratuity + 10% of retail  sales 

$2,000 sign-on bonus 

CEU reimbursement 

Wellness provider referral bonuses 

Flexible scheduling and a self-managing  environment. As an independent contractor, you  can use our space to serve our clientele and your  own. You will have more control over when you  work and how you work in a laid-back,  supportive setting. 

A positive, inclusive culture that truly values the  wellness of its staff. We’ve worked in spas  ourselves, so we know firsthand how much it  means to be treated well and with respect. 

An enriching and safe space in which to work,  learn and grow. From the soothing acoustics and  playlist, to the state-of-the-art air purifiers in  every room, we have lovingly selected our decor  and equipment to provide a clean, calming, and wholesome environment across every  touchpoint. 

A spa that is committed to social responsibility.  We care deeply about our planet and have  initiated a number of sustainable practices,  including the use of eco-friendly treatment  tables and cork flooring, low-VOC paints,  energy-efficient lighting, and more. 

A brand that is rooted in giving back. As part of  our mission to be “…in service to a happier,  healthier, more peaceful planet, one person… and tree at a time!”, we partner with a number  of nonprofits to amplify the impact we can have  on the world. 

There’s a Reason We Have 5 Stars on Google &  Yelp! 

We support and care for our staff who, in turn,  provide exceptional service to our clients. 

We are Continually Raising the Bar in the  Industry. Care to Join Us?

If you are a licensed massage therapist with 2+  years of experience, we would love to hear from  you. Please send your resume and a brief  introduction to If  we see a potential fit, we will reach out to  schedule an interview. 

Wishing you all much health, happiness, and  success in your future. 

In Wellness, 

The Aquarius Wellness Team


  • Starting at $120

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