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Community Highlights: Meet Feva Daniels of Hair Relics Advanced

Today we’d like to introduce you to Feva Daniels.

Alright, so thank you so much for sharing your story and insight with our readers. To kick things off, can you tell us a bit about how you got started? 
Around the age of 7, I discovered my love for hair. I used to love music and watching Patty LaBelle with her radical hairstyles in the 80s was my favorite. One day I took my ponytail down then grabbed my mother’s curling iron and spritzed and I did a punk rock spiked-out hairstyle on my head, mimicking Pattie LaBelle. When my mom got home, she took one look at me and said “What did you do to your hair? You were not supposed to do that to your hair. What happened to your ponytails?”
I tried to explain through my sobbing and tears that I knew I could do the Pattie LaBelle style. I told her I saw it in my mind first and knew I could make that book happen. So, I did this momma. She then looked at me and with a smirk on her face and said “AHHHHH, that does look good. You really did make it look like Pattie’s hair. I still can’t believe you.  How did you do that?” That was the beginning of my hairstyling journey.
Little for I know that my life would I have many challenges in the horizon!
Between the ages of 4-9 years old, I was molested by not one, not two but three different individuals at three different times. One of those men did it throughout the entire 5 years.
So, you can imagine throughout my childhood I felt very unprotected. No one knew that I was being threatened. I was told that if I spoke up and told what was going on that my family would die and so would I. Because it happened so often, I had to find a safe space, and that safe space was doing hair.
As time progressed, I became a wayward teenager. I was disrespectful to anyone to authority figures including my mother. New to ninth grade, fighting became my norm “even though I knew I wasn’t all that tough.” Eventually, that lead me to receive a DJO (Deputy Juvenile Officer). I worked with her for a short period of time before I got expelled from school.
I immediately went to Job Corps after getting expelled from school. I loved Job Corps. This place gave me a taste of freedom and I liked it. Although it turns out, I couldn’t cut it there either because those pesky authority figures were there too. So, I decided to leave the campus without giving myself chance to work in the program. Little did I know, I would become an authority figure later on in life and would learn the importance of listening to others no matter their position in life.
Once I left the job corps, I moved in with my aunt and eventually got kicked out. So, I went to my cousin’s house and ran her car up a tree I… I got kicked out of there also. Then I tried to go to my best friend’s house but her mom was not having it, little did anyone know I was already homeless once I was kicked out of my cousin’s house because I refused to go back to my mother’s house. Everyone thought I was a bad little girl. But really I was lost and scared little girl playing a tough role.
I walked the streets all night long and found random strangers’ couches to sleep on during the day. At some point, I dropped my pride and called my sister. She told me that should have called her a long time ago. So, I ended up there. I was there for quite some time before my mouth got me in more trouble than I could handle, and eventually, I left.
Shortly afterward, I met my oldest child’s father, moved in with him, and experienced my first round of domestic abuse. After 2 years of constant fighting, both he and I participated in nonstop drinking and drugging. I decided that I and my child deserved more and I was the only one who could make that happen.
At 19 years old, I moved into my first apartment. There I started my first youth organization called GEGE’S KIDS. This consisted of all the kids in the neighborhood sitting on my front porch talking about various things like parents being on drugs and how to feel safe in unsafe environments.
Although I didn’t have a high school diploma or GED, I still found my way to entrepreneurship. Went to 18 different GED schools across the St. Louis region and eventually received my GED from there I enrolled in Cosmetology school. I realized the pattern after I enrolled in the 4th cosmetology school that I had to learn to listen to someone in an authority position.
So, I did and I graduated from Elaine Stevens Beauty College which was the 5th beauty college I attended at the age of 27. I learned a valuable lesson, I learned that even though I was hard-headed, I refused to give up. That lesson would carry me through the rest of my life. At 22 years old, I opened up my first beauty salon.
At the age of 29, I invented a hair tool and was on my way to Atlanta to learn how to market it, but the morning I was supposed to leave to my surprise I woke up paralyzed. Stunned, shocked, and scared I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and was told by doctors that my quality of life would never be the same.
But I was able to defeat the odds. Through the help of Christ, I made it through my 1st 10 years and I’m still walking and working with no intention of slowing down.
Would you say it’s been a smooth road, and if not what are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced along the way?
It hasn’t been a smooth road at all for me. But it’s been very rewarding.
I have been faced with drug and alcohol addiction. I did that. I’m not proud of those moments. However, through much hard work sans prayer i changed my life around. I did a complete 180. I no longer have this struggle looming over my head. I also struggled with extremely low self-esteem and not knowing my worth. I didn’t understand why through out my entire life so many great people wanted to be around little ole’ me. I learned to except the fact that I am smart, talented and blessed. I am it and I feel great about myself and my life.
After many souls searching and shadow working, I realized that I too was a great person and deserved a seat at the table I was sitting at. After all, I was invited into the room. Although I have had many struggles with multiple sclerosis including not limited to being paralyzed, crippled, blind, and deaf in one ear.
All of those symptoms lasted but for a moment in time. I realized that taking care of myself and loving myself would look different at this point in my life. Now at 40 years old, I’m committed to taking care of myself and making myself and my child my top priority.
Alright, so let’s switch gears a bit and talk business. What should we know?
Geneca Goldsby (also known as Mrs. Feva) is an entrepreneur, licensed cosmetology instructor, Master Hair Stylist, and the owner of the Hair Relics brand.
With over 20 years of extensive experience as a hairstylist in the St. Louis region, her talents have led her to become a leader in her field and mentor some of the best in the hair styling industry. Her work has been featured in hair shows, fashion shows, and even popular music videos.
As the founder and owner of the Hair Relics brand, which includes Hair Relics Beauty & Nail Salon and Hair Relics Advanced. I am on a mission to empower hair stylists of all backgrounds, providing them with the tools and training they need to become master stylists and entrepreneurs.
Ms. Feva strongly believes in the importance of building leaders, and she’s made it part of her mission to inspire the next generation. She uses her unique skills to touch the lives of the people around her – and she became an ordained minister, wellness coach, and motivational speaker so that she could reach a wider audience and give back to her community.
I help entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs navigate their way through the beauty industry. I’m a mentor and life coach for the beauty and image industry. I help businesses understand their numbers, automation, systems, customer relations, training, onboarding, etc.
All while shifting your awareness and mindset. Basically, when you come through our program you’ll leave with practical tools to advance quickly in your business. We also have a summer program called Hair Relics Advanced Jr. Stylist Summer camp This program is an intense hands-on 4-8 weeks program for girls and boys ages 9-19.
Our children love to style hair and play with makeup. We decided to help them at young ages build skills while doing what they love to do. It’s a hands-on fun program. Did I mention that once your child has completed the program they can come back for the next month as leaders at no charge just fun?
1. Certificate of completion from Hair Relics Jr Stylist Summer Camp
2. Business license through the state of Missouri
3. Braiders license through Missouri state board of Cosmetology.
4. Hair show
AND get an opportunity to be around a group of great young people who share the same interest!! BREAKFAST & LUNCH will be provided. Drop off time 9 am pick up time 3 pm daily. Our passion is training the youth through mental and physical skills-based activities.
I’m a budding author. In the year 2020, I wrote 4 books and recently pushed my 1st book which is entitled Push Past your Fears and Run for your LIFE!! This book will be released in September of 2022. I’m also on the style team working with Healthy Hair Solutions. I  recently started a nonfor profit organization called Boss Daughters of America Org. Were we will make an impact on the lives of young women by  helping them gain confidence, knowledge through a skill-based program, financial Literacy, self awareness and so more. We are thrilled to be able to assist young women during the seemingly toughest times of their lives.
Now I understand why I went through so much in life early on. Truth be told, it was never about me. It was for these young girls/ladies who would be faced with some of the horrors that life can and will drag through. I am fearless and I happen to possess the skills necessary to survive and thrive in a world that could be very cold and harsh.
My slogan is I love you for free and there is nothing you can do about it! I am proud that I can make an impact in the lives of others through the demonstration of love and business practices. What sets us apart is that we are determined to make an impact in the lives of entrepreneurs through our knowledge and skill-based program.
What makes you happy?
What makes me happy is being able to serve others in need. This lets me know I’m walking on purpose when I see those who I serve once broken now excited and ready to take a chance in life and bet on themselves!
A wise man once said “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”
-Frederick Douglass
Want to know more about me? If you want to know the story behind the woman you should be on the look out for my upcoming book titled Push Past your Fears & Run for Your Life! It’s real, It’s uncut, It’s the life I lived!

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