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Conversations with Paris Rollins

Today we’d like to introduce you to Paris Rollins.

Paris, we appreciate you taking the time to share your story with us today. Where does your story begin?
Watching the older adults in my family get sick from diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc in their early 50s and 60s really takes a toll on me. Watching my mom explain to me in her 50’s that I may need to be strong if she passes ( she’s still alive by the way ), but years ago, we weren’t sure if she would be. To me that meant, not seeing my daughter grow up or seeing who I may become as a woman. It took such a toll on me that I become obsessed with the causes of diseases and how I could help her and I realized how many people this actually happens to. I noticed health and nutrition often being discussed as being a big cause or activator of many diseases. Nutrition also had the ability to PREVENT many diseases and even turn on/off the sick cells in our DNA. I took this info and immediately tried to change the nutrition and diet of my mom and others, and she refused and often struggled to give up the very foods and sodas, that I discovered contributed to the top diseases we face. I also discovered that healthier countries barely even had these diseases and living to 100 was the norm. It hit me.

FOOD IS A DRUG. It’s no different than a man/woman that won’t stop smoking cigarettes, porn addiction, men that cheat, people hooked on crack/drugs as well as people who eat unhealthy food. They all have in common, the refusal or struggle to give up the very thing they are told is hurting their life. They prefer pleasure and joy over their own well-being. Once you are hooked, it’s much harder and way more energy and work to quit and give something up that you are so comfortable with that brings you pleasure. This made me look at my own diet and what I was feeding my child. I fed her fried nuggets, pizza, GMO foods, cupcakes, processed foods, candy , sugar, juice, from the very beginning actually. I realized, I was responsible for shaping my daughter’s future addiction that would possibly lead her to the same illness that could cut off 20 – 40 years of her life.

I felt responsible for possibly killing my own child too early. I became obsessed with how can I prevent/reverse unhealthy food habits before they start. I wanted the norm to be changed on how we look at healthy food, especially for children. If we capture them early, we can prevent the bad habits in the future that they will not want to break, and normalize dying of old age. I wanted to invest/contribute to my child living long enough to see her grandchildren and children grow and to experience a longer life herself. When I tried to switch my daughter to healthier food, It was a complete fail, as she was already addicted to junk food, fast food, etc…it didn’t make it any better, that every place (as moms are so busy now), but most places that was quick to grab food while we were out, all had the same options that I was trying to get away from.

EVERY kid’s menu had fried foods, processed food, GMO meals and soda. She often refused most healthier options, declaring IT’S NASTY, eww it’s a vegetable. I set on another mission and obsession with techniques of how to get children to eat healthier and I researched for years until I finally felt I had it. I knew so many other mothers along the way, with the same issues of their children wanting junk and not wanting and refusing veggies and most things healthy. My techniques worked for my child and it dawned on me, that I wanted to do this for other mothers and raise our next generation healthier and change the way they see food. 🙂

Alright, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
The journey hasn’t been super challenging. I’m always open to go with the flow and i never feel rushed to make things happen. For more most pressure comes from figuring out what’s the right path I want to take with Picky Eaterz. The ultimate goal is to capture children at a young age to ensure they create healthier eating habits from the beginning that will carry with them into adulthood. I’ve come up with several ways to accomplish this goal. Products that can be used during pregnancy, nursing, as well as fresh organic baby food and kid meals. It’s always good to focus on one thing and give it your full attention but I am in the process of testing each path out. I want to see which one I enjoy the most, has the more positive results, produces the best profit and has the least amount of labor that will allow me to still have a balanced life with family and work. Working on most at once can become overwhelming but once I test each venture out, I’ll narrow it down to 1 or 2 areas that will get my full focus to push and promote as the focus of my business.

Appreciate you sharing that. What else should we know about what you do?
I’ve always considered myself a creative and an innovator/inventor. Sometimes it’s overwhelming with how many great creative ideas I come up with. Matter of fact, it got so overwhelming, that I knew I couldn’t make all of the ideas happen. So I started posting the ideas on Facebook for others to take and possibly turn into businesses themselves. When the idea of Picky Eaterz came to me, while in my room, I felt in my mind/heart and soul that this was the one that moved me the most. it wasn’t just another creative idea, because it was personal, but fun at the same time, which allowed me to be creative by coming up with an endless amount of fun creative meals.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?
It takes more than just fun healthy meals to make a complete change. Kids can’t purchase their meals. It’s the habits and choices of the parents that make the call on what their child will eat. I’ve noticed that most parents ( even myself at the beginning) will give their children anything to please them. Fried foods, fried in heavy oil, no vegetables, then allow them to wash it down with a sugary juice or soda, then give a sugary snack right afterwards. That’s grease, artificial food, sugar, processed foods, oil, sugar, more processed foods and more sugar day after day. Parents must set the example and stop giving in to the begging. Food establishments must clean up their kid menus for healthier outing experiences and schools/daycares must ensure they provide healthier nutritious meals. In the U.S, nearly 60% of calories our kids consume, come from ULTRA PROCESSED FOODS and only 1% for kids come from vegetables. It takes a village to raise our children, and if all can work together to make sure healthier meals are easily accessible to children then we can easily attack this issue before it starts.



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