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Daily Inspiration: Meet Jenna Hand

Today we’d like to introduce you to Jenna Hand.

Alright, thank you for sharing your story and insight with our readers. To kick things off, can you tell us how you got started?
I started my shop Beebopbanana as a hobby to pick up some extra cash by selling clothing online from my closet. After some time, I noticed that the public was very interested in the vintage pieces I had for sale. From there, I rebranded to strictly selling vintage clothing and fell in love with the older styles and history of it all! Right now, I focus on garments from the early 1980s and older.

I’m sure you wouldn’t say it’s been obstacle-free, but so far would you say the journey has been smooth?
The shop has its ups and its downs. Whether it be me lacking the inspiration to promote new inventory or a lack of traffic through the shop, every seller has their off days. And, of course, pieces are not guaranteed to sell, even if I think it’s the coolest thing ever! Since I’ve slowed down on the in-person vending business, it is a little slow, but in a couple of weeks closer to the holidays, it will pick right back up! But overall, my little brand has had so many wonderful opportunities presented to get me where I am today that I can brush off those hard times and say that it /has/ been a pretty smooth road. As long as I’m having fun, it’s smooth sailing!

Appreciate you sharing that. What else should we know about what you do?
To pay my bills, I work as a barista full-time at a cafe and bakery. In my spare time, I am interning for a local tailor! I hope to one day have enough skill and drive to create the clothing I work with every day. Whether that means creating my designs or creating under a master’s, I am working towards expanding my sewing skills so that I may make my garments. Working around vintage fashion every day sparks so much inspiration for future projects. I recently finished a patchwork button-down blouse made of vintage embroidered handkerchiefs! The fabrics’ different patterns and textures came together so well; I think that piece is what I am most proud of.

Risk-taking is a topic that people have widely differing views on – we’d love to hear your thoughts.
I am a risk taker when it comes to my time. [Am I have enough time to fit this market into my schedule?] I got a tip about a guy throwing away his grandmother’s closet and having 20 minutes to get there. Can I make it? Booking showings back to back or spending all of my free time sourcing for new pieces leaving me at the end of another day, risking my sanity! In reality, all those risks are guaranteed safe bets for me because everything to expand is a great opportunity. And who knows when I will be able to meet another stranger in the back of a parking lot only to have said five words to each other in exchange for a box of antique skirts! I trust my gut because I know these risks will benefit my future and the future of Shop Beebop.


  • I try to keep my prices reasonable because I am still a customer to many so I know what I would be willing to spend on a piece!
  • I try to keep all my shirts and tops under $30.
  • Most of my dresses start at $50 although it may vary.
  • Antiques are harder to source, clean and manage so they will go for more.
  • I’m always up negotiating! People tend to be shy around talking about money, but I love it! Haggle with me- it’s fun!

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