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Exploring Life & Business with Lindsey Beers of Commit2Fit Personal Training

Today we’d like to introduce you to Lindsey Beers.

Hi Lindsey, please kick things off for us with an introduction to yourself and your story.
Starting my business was the product of a perfect storm of life experiences and personal feelings. I 
have always LOVED sports and being active. I played many sports throughout childhood, received a volleyball scholarship to McKendree University, and have been consistently running and strength training since around age 15.

I decided to complete my bachelor’s degree from McKendree University in mathematics, which paved the way to a successful career as a project manager at a reputable international actuarial consulting firm, Milliman. But I was depressed:  I had no passion for my job despite loving the people I worked with and great performance reviews.

Staying in a career that made me miserable was not an option.  My whole life, my dad had a job he was not passionate about. His goal was to stick with his lucrative career to financially support his family. Once my sister and I were out of the house and he retired, he’d reap the benefits of his hard work by relaxing and traveling for pleasure.

But early onset dementia ruined those dreams. He was diagnosed around age 54 and was unrecognizable within a few years. Eventually be became non-verbal.  I’m not sure I heard him speak once the last 3 years of his life.

Moral of the story: Life is too short and unpredictable to not chase after what makes you happy.

 In early 2020, I began to chase after what I knew would make me happy. I thought of my dad and decided enough was enough. In a matter of two weeks, I used all my paid leave to come up with a strategy to shift careers. I signed up for my master’s in exercise science, got my CPT certification, quit my job, and launched a business.

At first, it was rough going.  Starting a business is never easy.  Starting a two months before Covid took over the world made it a bit more difficult, as I’m sure everyone can imagine. But I kept at it.

The road to building a business has been interesting in many ways. I’m in a military family, so I had no strong connection to the Ohio community where my business was born. I already had one son when I started my business, and we started trying for kid #2 about 4 months after my career shift. In March of 2021, I started the capstone class of my master’s degree. I had my youngest son Theo 2 weeks after the class started and went back to work 2 weeks after giving birth. To say I have always been juggling a lot of balls is an understatement!

But I’ve managed to keep all the balls moving and in the air, even if the throws aren’t perfect. I finished my master’s degree with a 4.0.  I had a quick, easy delivery and healthy little dude. We moved back to Illinois, where I’m originally from in March of 2022. I had my highest revenue quarter EVER immediately after our move.

Like life, owning and running a business is a revolving door of change. But I love what I do and the people I work with, and I plan on building to even greater heights!

Alright, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall, and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
Nope!  Building a business is hard, no matter what. But most things in life aren’t smooth roads. Some things that made it extra challenging, in no particular order:

  1. The combination of running the business, having kids, being pregnant shortly after starting the business, being a military spouse, and not having any family within a 3.5-hour drive. If a sick kid is sent home, grandma or grandpa can’t drop by to help out. It’s either mom or dad. And when dad is in the military, the reality is that theAir Forceexpects your family to put the mission first. This means mom has to put everything related to the business on the back burner for however long the kid is sick if dad’s leadership won’t let him take leave.
  2. Starting a business right before Covid hit.
  3. Juggling everything listed above while getting my master’s degree in exercise science. Getting my degree was nonnegotiable, and I don’t regret it. It’s helped me better serve my clients. But it added another layer of difficulty, mainly because I was dedicated to getting that degree with a 4.0 (whichI did).
  4. During the last two years, I’ve had two organs removed – bye-bye, gallbladder, and appendix! The lead-up to the gallbladder removal was a fairly difficult situation since it took around 4 months to identify what the problem was. I was in a lot of pain throughout that period, which made doing anything difficult, let alone running a business. I didn’t give myself as much of a recovery post-surgery(for both surgeries)as I should have, especially since personal training is a fairly physical job.

Appreciate you sharing that. What should we know about Commit2Fit Personal Training?
There are a lot of people working in the fitness and nutrition
 industries. Some don’t care about helping others and want to make a quick buck. Some have a good physique and quickly get clientele but have no real expertise. These voices in the space can make it super confusing for anyone trying to improve their health.

As someone that is deeply empathetic, my business, at its core, is all about helping people improve their health by providing exercise and nutrition guidance. It isn’t about just trying to make a quick buck or stroking my ego. It’s about using my knowledge to help others achieve their goals.

At inception, my business was purely a personal training business. After around 6 months, I earned my nutritionist certification from the ISSN and started working with individuals on nutrition. Currently, I offer 1-on-1 personal training and nutrition coaching, and I recently started hosting training and nutrition programs through an app, Fit by Wix.

Being in a military family, I’ve naturally worked with many active-duty Air Force, retirees, and military spouses. I’ve met a lot of different types of people from all different walks of life. The one commonality is they want to be happy and healthy. For the active-duty members, a big part of that ‘happy and healthy depends on success on their PT tests. I’ve helped quite a few members prepare for these tests. Seeing how they progress from our first to our last session is always so gratifying.

The next expansion for my business, which I’m very excited about, is creating a program to help female active-duty Air Force members prepare for and pass their PT tests. Many Air Force women have stepped through my door feeling underprepared for their upcoming tests. It causes so much anxiety and pressure:  doing poorly can alter their career trajectory or impact how peers and leadership view them. My mission is to arm these women with the ability to not only pass but crush their PT test. I want them to feel empowered in their careers and confident in their athletic abilities.

So, how can our readers or others connect or collaborate with you before we go? How can they support you?
People can work with me or collaborate with me by reaching out through any one of the following ways:
My website:
Facebook Page:
IG: @commit2fit_personal_training

The best way to support me would be to check out my app, website, Facebook, or IG, share my content, and if you like what you see, refer me to your friends & family! I appreciate support in all forms, big or small.


  • App-Based Training Programs – $10 / Month
  • App-Based Nutrition Programs – $15 / Month

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