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Inspiring Conversations with Elizabeth Evans of Elizabeth Evans Media Productions

Today we’d like to introduce you to Elizabeth Evans.

Hi Elizabeth, thanks for sharing your story with us. To start, maybe you can tell our readers some of your backstories.
I currently own Elizabeth Evans Media Productions – a full-service podcasting media agency. But my reality couldn’t have been further from this just a few years ago.

With an educational background in Economics and Statistics, working in a creative field seemed out of reach. I had lost touch with the playful and imaginative side of myself, leaving those pieces behind along the journey. But the good news? What was once dropped and left along the path can also be picked back up while moving forward.

Let me set the stage from where I was to where I am now. I was living in Virginia and held the role of a data analyst at a healthcare agency. It was your typical 9-5, but it truly was a great work environment for women with a vision. It was one of those situations where I had flexibility, good pay, and great coworkers — but I continued feeling this heart nudge that there was something missing.

Something different I could step into. I allowed this nudge to lay dormant for years — believing I was simply being ungrateful for my current situation.

I remember telling a trusted friend along the way that I wasn’t exactly fulfilled by what I was doing from a work perspective. This friend asked me, “What would you do if time and money were not a factor?” My response shocked even myself. I said, “I think it has something to do with interviewing and question-asking. But that seems too vague to base a decision on.”

Well, it may have been vague — but it was certainly an unforeseen and accurate statement from a girl who would eventually work full-time in the podcasting world.

It wasn’t until I visited Nashville, TN, on a whim for a conference that I felt the ‘oh this makes sense’ spark connect with my heart when I was least expecting it. It took a year to make the move a reality due to health complications, but I created a business proposal that I presented to my company showing the owners that I could complete all my tasks as a remote employee.

And wouldn’t you know it – they trusted me enough with the responsibility of the remote position and gave me the green light. Less than 60 days later, I showed up in a city with no contacts, no family, and no idea what came next. I found a little spot to rent (site unseen) and simply… showed up.

Before I go on with the rest of the details of the business unfolding, I do believe the importance of simply showing up is worth noting. When you feel the nudge, when your heart hears the calling — don’t push that feeling down. Don’t ignore that pull. Trust yourself enough to listen to it.

So now here I was, living in Nashville by myself, with zero friends, and thinking to myself, ‘why did this sound like a good idea?’ Well, I didn’t know what else to do except to show up at the same coffee shop every day, at the same time, until I became a familiar face to those that I recognized from our similar schedules. This place will become important later on in the story. Because doesn’t every good story include a local coffee shop?

At this point, I had A LOT of extra time on my hands. I didn’t exactly have a friend group to hang out with in the evenings, and I didn’t have a commute to work. I figured I should probably find something to do with my spare time.

So when a random invite from a friend to attend a business/educational conference was presented, I jumped on it. Being that I had no business idea at the time, it all felt extremely silly. But I felt a nudge to go, so I made ‘business cards’ (I literally just put ‘coach’ as my title because I had no idea what else to do), got in the car, and did what I do – I showed up.

At this particular conference, they were teaching marketing, storytelling, and social media messaging. During the networking times of the conference, I found 20+ year business owners asking ME for advice on specific project obstacles. It was then that I learned I had a natural talent for influential storytelling.

As I walked away from the weekend, I had the ‘aha’ realization that between my previous background and what I learned that weekend, I now had a marketable skill set I felt I could monetize with the right client and the appropriate price point.

It was shortly thereafter that I learned one of my favorite artists on Instagram was looking to hire a social media manager. So, I recorded a video, prayed, and sent in my resume for the position. A week later, I had the part-time gig and was internally freaking out on every level. It was my first time providing work to MY client under my OWN business name. I certainly didn’t want to mess this up.

I kept my full-time 9-5 and spent every other waking minute ensuring I was capturing the best emotion and launch strategy for this client. After creating content and collecting data over our first few weeks, I realized that her revenue per email or Instagram caption was about 3x times higher than when I was writing the words for her.


This was when I realized I had found the overlap of my passion and a profitable skill set.

It was essentially full immersion training from there: I refined my skill set, learned client management, and created a pricing structure that made sense. And then, the local coffee shop provided me with a stroke of luck (or as I like to call it, a divine appointment) that would essentially change things forever for me.

I was working on the social media strategy for this artist when someone walked up and asked what I was working on. As I looked up, I realized she was someone I had followed on Instagram for quite some time, and thought, ‘is there something about this meeting that’s meant to be?’

Well come to find out, there was. I described to her that I helped with social media management and product launches for clients and she asked me, “Have you ever launched a podcast?”

I’m sure you can see where this is going at this point.

I answered honestly that I hadn’t, but that I believed my launch strategy would translate into the digital field as well.

Come to find out, it did.

We worked for months to tell her story, strategize her launch, and prepare the way for the first book she was in the process of writing. I learned all there was about audio recording, SEO, solo and interview episodes, and how to effectively activate your audience.

This client and I learned to trust each other, we worked for hours and hours to perfect her story, and when it came to launching day for people to actually listen in.

Much to BOTH of our shock, the plan worked. By the end of the day, she had hit #2 on all charts in podcast land.

When the next client reached out to work with me on her podcast launch, I wasn’t sure if I had struck lightning in a bottle or if the strategy worked. I followed it to a tee, and… again, to my shock, we landed at #2 on the charts.


Passion meets a profitable skill set.

I was starting to have some MAJOR success in the podcast world, but at this point, I was still working my 9-5. I felt a bit like a fraud working a daytime job AND a nighttime passion — but it was the best and only way I knew how to make it work.

So I just… kept going. I refined my process, gained confidence, began hiring a team, and told myself that once I met the salary of my full-time job with this ‘side hustle,’ I would quit and go full time.

Within 6 weeks, I onboarded one more client that fit the goal. I knew I had to keep my promise to myself.

It was hard, it was scary, it was bold — but I called up the owner of my company and told her I was leaving the position to start my own business full time.

I continued telling the stories of authors, artists, musicians, and lifestyle entrepreneurs.

What started as a small ‘yes’ continued to roll like a snowball gaining traction. I saw a need and I showed up to fill the gap in the market by providing the best, most honest, and highest quality storytelling in the podcast industry that I knew how to.

Each day looks a little different in this season. New stories to be told, new backend processes to refine – but the gratitude and grit that got me to this point is something that remains constant.

We all face challenges, but looking back would you describe it as a relatively smooth road?
Oh gosh, it hasn’t been smooth. The journey also hasn’t felt linear.

I think the biggest struggle for me was continuing to hold a belief in myself on what felt like a very autonomous journey. Even as the team has grown, each team member is remote – so most days I am working alone. Keeping morale and optimism high while working in isolation can feel a little topsy turvy, to say the least.

I thought the skillset of providing podcasting services to clients would be the hardest part – but that part has probably been the most seamless. It was the scaling, hiring, workflow creation, and internal belief limitations that have been the most difficult to overcome.

I would not be where I am today without the team and family that surrounds me. It literally takes a village and I couldn’t be more thankful for them.

In the early days when a client’s win isn’t in sight, it’s hard to hold a belief in yourself. Clinging to your mission, your value, and surrounding yourself with people that encourage you to keep going is the secret sauce here.

We’ve been impressed with Elizabeth Evans Media Productions, but for folks who might not be as familiar, what can you share with them about what you do and what sets you apart from others?
Elizabeth Evans Media Productions is a full-service, boutique podcasting agency for entertainment personalities and business brands. We help take your story into the audio world through quality audio production, visual branding, interview research, guest public relations services/booking and copywriting.

While these are the service offerings we provide to our storytellers, the ultimate goal and mission are twofold: We help hosts connect with their audience to guide their listeners in their personal journeys while also extending the host’s brand into a national platform, such as TV or authorship.

This mindset is what sets our agency apart. We tell your best story because we believe there is unity on the other side of storytelling. And telling your story can extend into multiple mediums to have the maximized impact.

We put a strategy together to ensure client shows land in the top charts to gain the most momentum and ears on the show. More exposure = more impact.

From an agency standpoint, I am most proud that we hold top podcast launches, while not losing sight of the importance of our mission. The bravery that goes into sharing your story is a consistent choice our hosts make each time they hop on the mic.

While we help from a tangible audio perspective, I also hope our hosts feel supported emotionally to continue to show up for their audience members.

We’d be interested to hear your thoughts on luck and what role, if any, you feel it’s played for you?
Oh, luck. What a funny word – it’s one I’ve wrestled with a lot because my imposter syndrome will tell me the success of the agency is simply based on luck, not my skill set or competency.

Here’s the thing for me: there have been some extremely fortuitous and fortunate circumstances that have surrounded the success of the business – ones I really can’t take credit for in any way, shape, or form. But I don’t believe I would call it luck as much as I would call it to favor from God and divine arrangements that were put in place way before my steps were revealed to me.

My first podcast client is an example of this. I didn’t set out initially to be in the podcasting world, nor did I set my eyes on this particular brand owner. However, the pairing of the two of us together couldn’t have been weaved into place any more perfectly.

To me, it all still goes back to simply showing up when you feel the nudge. In the big AND the small moments. I’d even go as far as to say it’s the small moments that have the greater impact. Keep showing up and I believe you’ll see that ‘luck’ begin to follow.

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