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Meet Khiara Brown

Today we’d like to introduce you to Khiara Brown. Them and their team share their story with us below:

Khiara Brown is allowing her past in the modeling industry and college experience to help others reach their fullest potential.

Brown, 24, an Inglewood, California, native, is the founder and CEO of Poise Search Fashion and Modeling Company, whose mission is to help women and men gain modeling, fashion experience, tools to heighten self-confidence, and enlightenment of self.

“She is clothed with strength and dignity and laughs without fear of the future” Proverbs 31:25. Khiara is a breath of fresh air, a chance of hope and resilience. Born in the city of Angels (Los Angeles, California), yet cultivated in the City of Champions (Inglewood, CA) Khiara Brown was destined to Face Everything And Rise.

At an early age, Khiara was known for her bright smile and always having the need to question everything. She was simply curious about life, her classmates knew if her hand went up, the world was expected to be explained by the teacher. Brown had a major impact on C.L.A.S. charter schools.

This school started her school career on 6TH avenue and Slauson, where Nipsey Hussle Square resided, then traveled down Grevillea Ave where she learned about African Kings, “Kw”eens, and the truth behind self-empowerment, Khiara utilized the knowledge to tackle any obstacle no matter how long it took.

Brown comes from a broken family with strong principles. Khiara had to learn to recognize the content of one’s character in friend groups, the values necessary when loving a man, and to be unapologetic about being herself.

Though her parents were separated they always taught her that “we must always find a way to make life be at balance.” With this upbringing, Khiara was very outspoken however, she was naïve in her relations during college and yearned for a need for acceptance. This resulted in a rape while her time in college.

This experience has placed her on the path of ensuring that people never lose sight of themselves and their principles. Her goal now is to pour into your women and men the importance of setting values, principles, and practices to heal the family structure.

She recognized it takes two to tango and it is important for self to take responsibility. She proclaims, “No one ever deserves to be raped, but what are the Red Flags to recognize to GET OUT!” Now she is a huge advocate for ladies and men who were raped while in school.

Ms. Brown has accomplished her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Lincoln University of Missouri and owns Pulchritude Poise Makeup Artistry LLC at the age of 17 years young. After 4 years she found a connection with Building Community Bridges Nonprofit, which bloomed her into the mastermind of Poise Search Fashion and Modeling Company LLC.

Through her companies, she “spread the messages of self-healing, proper skin care, confidence building, and that beauty is only determined based on one’s values, how he or she carries themselves, but most importantly how he or she treats others.

While attending Lincoln University, she became a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Collegiate 100, Honors Academy, and the President of Queen’s United Leadership Academy social organization whose goals are to guide women, the youth, the community, and self to enlightenment. Khiara has always had a passion for women’s empowerment, but now her focus is upgrading the guidance for the betterment of our future women and men.

Khiara has many more projects on the way where her goal is to spread Peace, Poppington, and Purpose through networking. She is known as The Royalkey, Outspoken, and the one that made sense of life while having fun. “We are energy experiencing life through a human body to express ourselves. Each of us has a message to share it is up to you to share yours.”

Brown said, as a model, she often had negative experiences in the industry, frequently losing her sense of self, and now gained it all back. She created an inspiring, educational environment for others.

Khiara Brown, DKA “The Poise Master” is the founder of The Poise Brand. The Poise Brand shares two entities: Poise Search Fashion and Modeling Company LLC, and Pulchritude Poise Makeup Artistry LLC. Each company is essential to the fashion industry and the growth of the community because it transforms lives.

Pulchritude Poise Makeup Artistry started before Poise Search, in 2017, serving makeup to Lincoln University students and the women AND men of the community. Pulchritude Poise is known for “celebrating you on the day of your special ‘O’Flare.'” If you have a special occasion or just want to have a natural everyday look, we can supply clean, effortless makeup and skin.

Over time we’ve added handcrafted skin care to ensure our clients love their skin with and without makeup. Our infamous Melanin Golden Scrub and RoyalKey Essential Oils heal burns, acne, discoloration, dark spots, rashes, eczema, and so much more.

Our products and services are bundled in packages for models who sign under Poise Search Fashion and Modeling Company. PSFMCO started in 2019, the Executive Director of Building Community Bridges, Nonprofit was looking for a runway training program and Khiara Brown supplied.

The Nonprofit is over a business hub, so “The Poise Master” was able to LLC the program under her brand, The Poise Brand. PSFMCO is the place where new and experienced models can receive runway training, etiquette training, posture, confidence building, business etiquette, and build their portfolio.

In addition, we build the model’s flexibility and mental strength through yoga and meditation exercises. We currently train 3 models 101, “Queen Cookie” in STL, A’Keyrah Stevenson in KC, and “Chocolate Goddess” in Jefferson City, MO.

The Royal Youth Model Bootcamp is a youth program under PSFMCO that offers free training and life skills to kids 17 and under on Tues, Thurs, and Fridays from 430-630pm. In this program, the youth learn self-defense, etiquette, runway training, posture training, and sewing.

We are here to create a culture where everyone makes a difference through self-expression, technique, principles, and skills. We will encourage, teach and aid all generations in the increase of their confidence personally and in the communities.

We all face challenges, but looking back would you describe it as a relatively smooth road?
Pulchritude Poise’s obstacles were always the lack of focus and due to many projects. However, it has grown for its reputation for natural makeup application and skin healing. Currently working on skills and branding.

Poise Search Fashion and Modeling Company came with more issues:

  • The founder needed a team to reform the interior of the location because with was all wood and drywall.
  • Finances started off low and little to no staff.
  • Hosted Fashion Shows yet not enough income.
  • Paying models who weren’t experienced enough and learned from that mistake.
  • Reaching a community whose needs don’t fashion.
  • In a small rural city, so we had to outsource models.
  • In the process of networking and building clients.

Thanks for sharing that. So, maybe next you can tell us a bit more about your work?
My name is Khiara Brown.

I specialize in Confidence Building and helping those down their path of self-awareness through the paths of creating a business, becoming a model in the fashion industry, and beauty application. I am known for being balanced between self-expression, business, and entering the fashion industry.

I am most proud of aiding Miss Capital City of Missouri in her race for the Miss Missouri Pageant Competition 2022. As well as her makeup artist in her past pageants. We trained from December 2021 – April 2022 and perfected her posture, stance, elegance, model walk, confidence building, spins and so much more.

This was a major moment, though she didn’t win the crown she won 2 of the major awards of the competition. What sets The Poise Brand apart from others is the principles on which the brand stands. We ensure that the model or client is aware of their greatness and not just from the outside but within as well.

Many brands just care about receiving money and not the growth of the individual. The Poise Brand stands on Truth, Justice, Order, Harmony, Righteousness, Compassion, and Reciprocity and with these principles, we are bound to excel.

Networking and finding a mentor can have such a positive impact on one’s life and career. Any advice?
Getting out of your comfort zone, go into those spaces of intelligence and own the room, be humble and learn, yet own the room.


  • 101 Model Training $75/mo
  • 101 Model Training $300/ 6mo
  • Sign to PSFMCO for $1,250/YR
  • Makeup $65-$85
  • Scrubs and Oils $5-$22

Contact Info:

  • Website:
  • Instagram: @thepoisebrand, @poisesearchfmco, and
  • Facebook: @thepoisebrand, @poise search, and
  • Youtube: Poise Search

Image Credits
Wolky’s Videography Photography and A.G. Shaw Metro Phototainment

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