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Meet Rachel “Luve” Sudduth of Luv3aura

Today we’d like to introduce you to Rachel “Luve” Sudduth.

Rachel, we appreciate you taking the time to share your story with us today. Where does your story begin?
Spirituality and religion were always a big part of my upbringing growing up. My great grandmother Virginia Cannon was known in Hope, Arkansas as the lady that saw spirits and knew things to happen before they came into fruition. She passed before I was born but the stories I heard from my grandmother and family never left my mind. I grew up in a Christian church known as New Northside Baptist Church in North St. Louis. My grandpa Reverend George Rhodes used to preach when I was younger and my grandma used to take me with her to events as the secretary for the missionary board. For me, that really laid the foundation of structure and how faith plays a big part of how my grandma and grandpa were so successful and never lacked growing up. My grandma would be sure to pay her tithes and offering one a week on time and she always got it back ten-fold. My mother would put blessed oil on me when I left the house for school in the morning and showed me different encouraging scriptures. On the opposite end, my father always had more Muslim views where he taught me to not eat pork and the basic principles of the family structure and from there I also began reading the Quran. To this day, I practice more from a spiritual standpoint but to me it’s one in the same. I make protection oils for people, I bless my home, I read Bible verses for encouragement but I practice more of my ancestor’s ancient practices. I meditate in the morning, hit my yoga poses and have an ancestor altar in my home. A few years ago I really got into astrology and tarot but didn’t start practicing until June 2021. My mom passed in 2019 and I felt like she really has carried me through my practice and is showing me in spirit how to guide and help people. I have always been a healer and helper naturally and now it’s transformed into my daily life and I’m very passionate and happy about that!

I’m sure you wouldn’t say it’s been obstacle free, but so far would you say the journey has been a fairly smooth road?
Of course, it has not been a smooth road but it’s for sure worth the ups and downs. Launching my business last year was a roller coaster, it was a huge transition after I quit my job in Public Relations for MoDOT. I loved helping people in my position and working with my colleagues but I wasn’t happy and I couldn’t figure out why. I had watered down my true authentic self so much. I felt I had to in order to make a decent living. Once I went full force in my business in June 2021, I invested a lot and tried to start every idea I had. Without many entrepreneurs in my family, I was basically winging what I learned from the internet and my colleagues. Now I feel like I’m at a point I’m relaunching my brand and my goals to start fresh in 2022. I’m excited about all the pop up shops and networking I’ve done so far and it’s helping me build a community of mentors.

As you know, we’re big fans of Luv3aura . For our readers who might not be as familiar what can you tell them about the brand?
My spiritual practice is called Luv3Aura, pronounced as Luve Aura. The number three in my business represents my Life Path number 3. Everyone has one that comes from your birthday. Life Path 3 is meant to be someone who is a creative communicator. It made so much sense because I went to Howard University and studied Broadcast Journalism. I’ve always been a communicator and now I use my skills and translated them into my true passion. I specialize in love tarot readings and I offer mediumship which connects to deceased loved ones, fertility readings and so much more! I never planned or saw myself doing this years ago, I wanted to be the top NBC anchor. It’s funny how much life changes with you tap in to your highest self. Now I see myself in the future going on talk shows to help people grow spiritually. As someone who has dealt with childhood depression, trauma and anxiety I had to find something to help me because I didn’t want to depend on medicine to help me cope. In 2016, I sought out therapy and I learned to practice meditating and getting to the root of a problem. For me, I help my clients get to the root of their anxiety and depression, not just put a bandaid on it. The reason I love what I do is the reviews I get from my reading clients, the revelation they feel and the transition I’ve seen from my practice. I have seen my clients leave abusive relationships, remove themselves from toxic family or friends and really start fresh. That’s how I know this is my highest calling. I also make candles, craft handmade bracelets and other spiritual items on my website All my services right now are mainly virtual, my goal is to have a suite next year to offer herbs and in-person readings.

How do you think about luck?
I think everything is divinely orchestrated. The slow months of working as an entrepreneur helped me take a step back and look at branding or how I’m marketing my practice. During those times, I looked at how I wanted to rebrand and network with more people. For me, that was God letting me know I’m preparing your table but you don’t have the tools! Whenever I feel stagnant or stuck, I look at the messages God is trying to send me. Delays are not always denial, so that keeps me encouraged. I’ve met people in these last months that have just loved my mission and have invited me to pop up shops or purchased items from me and sent out the word of mouth for others to work with me. I feel forever blessed and grateful for being in alignment with the universe and receiving these good moments.


  • In-Depth Readings $100
  • Luve “Love” Readings $45
  • Mini In-Depth Readings $55

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