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Check Out Kaleigh “Gypsy/keeKee” Peery’s Story

Today we’d like to introduce you to Kaleigh “Gypsy/keeKee” Peery.

Hi Kaleigh, it’s an honor to have you on the platform. Thanks for taking the time to share your story with us – to start maybe you can share some of your backstories with our readers.
My name is Kaleigh, but most know as Gypsy or Keekee and I’m an artist, advocate, entrepreneur, aunt, actress, and an angel mother of 3.

I’d say if I’m known for anything, it’s my passion, humor, and resilience. I have lived a beautiful yet unbelievably challenging life. Honestly, it took years of self-reflection and determination, to be to appreciate myself and my resilience . I had to acknowledge , take and utilize all my uncomfortable , awkward energy swirling inside of me to fearlessly express myself and become my own hero. I transform my pain into my super power. I use this superpower to not only create and heal for myself but Also to give hope to anyone suffering .(I even do events where I share my story and knowledge over mental health /trauma awareness. ) .

Anyway , I believe being authentic and creating from my Hearts desire ( despite what anyone thinks ) can be seen and felt in my art . Actually almost Every piece of work I create tells a story . it can and has been a segway to a maybe much-needed dialogue for a much-needed conversation. … I’ve always been a the funny eccentric girl with paint on even my “nice” clothes ( mom didn’t like that lol ) so yea I can’t 100% say For as long as I can recall, art has played a crucial role in my life. In grade school I remember having to spend a lot of time in and out of the hospital, and one of the few things I was actually able to do during my visits was walk my lil’ oxygen tank down to the art room and create. that’s where my love of art seeds were planted. Eventually those seeds sprouted and As I got older art a best friend, therapist, outlet.. and grew to be my became my old oak tree , my only constant ,my safe place. My paintings are a personal display of the everyday struggles mixed with the complicated emotions stemming from a lifelong struggle with my mental health stigmas and unfortunate l losses. Including but not limited to the death of my best friend at 13.

I do I get asked often if was I trained or if I was taught and the answer to that , is no, I was never formally trained and never wanted to be. Matter of fact it wasn’t until I lost my daughter in 2017 that I even publicly showcased my work. My art is and felt so personal that I used to flip over or cover up my art when I had company. To be transparent, I was afraid of exposing my soul and being judged . I didn’t want anyone to cut down my oak tree, I wanted my art for me.

In May 2017 Fortunately yet unfortunately That fear diminishe. At the young age of 30 years old I became an angel mother of three. I had to do what was to be absolutely unthinkable and bury my daughter next to her brother( who was born still in 2007 ) … I did have miscarriage as well in 2013so yes, you read that right, im angel mom of 3 …. But yea , after my daughters death I realized that I had nothing truely left to fear . My dream came true and then Abruptly turned into nightmare , so my biggest fear had happened .I had to go on with life and create a new version of my normal. In this version I no longer afraid of judgment or showing my soul on a canvas. Her life was short but impact on me is everlasting, my daughter gave me strength I didn’t know was posssibly , Esmerlda phoenix Peery made me fearless. So, long story short, I started posting my paiiitngs and then got my first my first show case … and I called it “fearless phoenix,” unconditional love never dies. And ever that’s when things took off for me professionally

I still and will always be very humbled by every purchase because the majority of my art has something to do with my angel children and loved ones that aren’t with us anymore. This allows their memories, and energies And love to live on forever. There’s no greater honor in my opinion. I obviously though that my biggest motivators are my angels SUN Micheal, Esmeralda phoenix Peery .and the one I lost before being named,they inspire me to create, share and continue to follow my heart. regardless of where my children are I am still a mother and I owe it to them to To be the best version of myself I can be.

Also , Something else that sets me apart from other artists is that I work with those who are drawn to certain pieces but feel they can’t afford them. I feel if it calls to you then it is supposed to be with you, another reason why Gypsydaze is known as “art from the heart,” every time I “under” sell the universe tends to balance things by a high dollar piece getting sold.

After about a year of recovering from the aftermath of 4 years of being ripped emotionally wide open as fought for justice on behalf of my daughter, I’m finally making my next big move Andon 11/18/I will be opening my shop. GYPSYDAZE in east Alton and I’m for the first time in a very long-time optimist about the future.

Would you say it’s been a smooth road, and what are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced along the way?
What struggles havent I had? Lol, life isn’t supposed to be easy, it just is. I had to realize bad things happen to good people and vice Versa – but I still believe it’s all happening the way it should . without darkness there is no light , right ?

I can say from a business point of view balancing, creating, and marketing… Sometimes it gets tough to market when I’m consumed with creating and designing. In addition to battling anxieties and insecurities.

Alright, so let’s switch gears a bit and talk business. What should we know about your work?
Some other things I do besides creating almost customized paintings, is I get to know customers and together we work on an idea, color scheme, and vibe which are done in my own unique style of multi-media. These are often full of texture. I use everything from glass shards, old scraps, spray paint, hot glue, and whatever else feels right. I also design Gypsyswag clothing and accessories and misc. Decor, which is all upcycled, redesigned and often repurposed. I dabble with photography as well.

I do custom framing when you order a print as well, I want everyone to have a kind piece of work.

I think it’s more personal that way, I also do creative consulting, where I individually listen, educate, teach and assist others using creative thinking and coping skills that can be utilized to give your insight and perspective in areas from decorating concerns to daily life issues. I plan on starting sip and smile paint sessions where the goal is not only to paint but to laugh and take a break from reality embrace the daze, along with therapeutic style art classes and one on one’s sessions for all ages…

Oh, and each piece of name carries importance, sometimes the name comes to me before I begin, and sometimes I get a song stuck in my and have to “paint it out” don’t hesitate to ask or enquire I absolutely love engaging with anyone who has an interest in my work. When Gyspydaze opens I will carry not only my creative works but also crystals, jewelry, resale clothing and purses, sage, and a plethora of eccentric, spiritual, and random items.

Is there something surprising that you feel even people who know you might not know about?
I did say I was mental health advocate, and a huge part of that is the work I do with Nami The National Alliance of Mental Illness, in order to help raise awareness and education. Doing public speaking to create awareness and education by telling my story, educating and inspiring hope in as many people as I can.

I have a strong passion to inspire and educate others on how to “be your own hero” (which was the motto of the program I started called perception wellness in 2018). That’s a whole other topic… Maybe for another article sometime.

I have dreamed of opening a safe place called Esmerlda sunshine center of hope aka ESC (escape center) where I can apply my knowledge and teachings from my program for at-risk youths, and domestic violence survivors, in addition, I even thought about incorporating a side part of their to focus on hospice families and their healing I don’t know I just won’t be able to provide a safe place for those in need, in whatever way possible… hmmm another fact is that I can not only read tarot cards but also have been designing my own deck that event will be for sale and of course, they are called ESC Esmeralda sunshine card.

In addition to being self-employed. I also started as a volunteer coordinator at a preferred hospice still.

Where an amazing woman who hired me because of me and not because I checked all the boxes… I wanted this job because I needed to be inspired again and between the actual job and the positive energy it provides, I found that much-needed motivation after only 2 months of working there did, I decide that it was time to take Gypsydaze to the next level.

I love good whiskey , I’ve been told I’m really funny but I think I’m just awkward and honest

My neices Emily (16)and Audrey (12 ) are my best friends

Oh and I’m single. 😉

Contact Info:

  • Instagram: @Gypsykay_ep
  • Facebook: Gypsydaze

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