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Conversations with Adam Wayne

Today we’d like to introduce you to Adam Wayne.

Hi Adam, please kick things off for us with an introduction to yourself and your story.
That finding yourself self moment was realized for me around 30 years of age. Threw my younger years, I followed the normal everyday path of go to work have fun on weekends. The experience was fun but not fulfilling. Around 30, I had an accident at work cut my finger halfway off while cutting meat at US Foods. Ending up losing that job do to going to court for medical expenses and pain and suffering. With having a kid on the way for the first time and losing my 3rd meat cutting job, I discovered myself while walking in the woods in nature trying to relax and get my head around what is to come. Through this walk, I discovered nature and life differently, clarity would be a great word. Begin taking pictures with the cell phone, edit them and share what I see. I was compensated for my hand being injured. With some of that money, I purchased a simple bridge camera. Canon PowerShot SX 530hs at best buy is around 350$. Most good cell phones can cost more. Everything happens for a reason though, and I believe because I have this newfound eye for the world around me and this camera that most photographers don’t use worked in my benefit because of how you make it can be if mastered.

So I started some projects for myself to help me with photography. Each month I would only focus on one thing. The first month would be the art of water and then the art of black and light. (Yes light) the art of the leaf. So on and so forth, so after that year was over, I really had a good, well-rounded knowledge of what I wanted to portray. I got back to work not long after my injury to Save-a-lot, which they had me working downtown, which I never really experienced too much of I’m from North county Florissant. The arch was always a big deal for me as a child as for many. And through Instagram, I found that most people found that the arch was cliche and boring and everybody was sick of seeing the same old Arch picture. So with my creative eye for nature and how it really mimics architecture or vice versa. I really tried to shine threw being creative with the Staple of our unique city. So using this specific setting on my camera (creative shot setting is the name), I developed a niche. Continually I would try to outdo the next angle and composition by just being myself and not following the crowd, so to speak. I would and still really only look at what I’m doing and make it better instead of being inspired by others.

Staying creative is important for unique photography. So threw just sharing and not stopping being relentlessly passionate about share everything and keep capturing more. I stumbled upon a great opportunity. Company called Turning Art contacted me threw Instagram wanting photography prints for a company in Ball Park Village (PWC) so I got my first big commission check and the Saint Louis Post Dispatch wanted an interview from me for an article about Instagram. So many opportunities come my way through social media and being yourself. My following is reaching 16k followers a lot from local features across Instagram. Cityscape’s Books contacted this year about publication of an STL visions book. So at the end of the year, I’ll find out how my images were selected for that book. You yourself I believe, found me through social media. It’s a beautiful new way to reach the audience your wanting. Especially Instagram in my instance. The true goal is a Photography Art Gallery, which ties into me being contacted just recently by Board of Directors Laclede’s Landing. This opportunity just presented itself a few weeks ago. Life is beautiful, and if your true to your Will to succeed in a positive way, manifestation is positivity possible.

We all face challenges, but looking back, would you describe it as a relatively smooth road?
Nothing in life that deserves great attention is never without its struggles. It’s what makes the journey great. Without bad there’s no good. The yin and yang of Arts. The true madness lies within what your lacking in yourself or the pain of who you are as a talent because not everyone has a supportive family or relationship to fall back on. The time one takes to make true great art takes away precious time away from others. The personal struggle or being the best is infinite internally. You have to overcome ego and pride for personal growth, never easy. Taking pictures downtown Saint Louis isn’t the easiest thing with all the obstacles, but I’ve found ways around that perspective of what our city is thought of (dangerous) to bring out the beautiful in which you see it as. Go as far as listening to Mozart or Beethoven while walking downtown for a different perspective on my surroundings.

Appreciate you sharing that. What else should we know about what you do?
I’m a meat cutter still as my day job work for Fabulous Fish Company, cut fresh fish for a lot of fine dining restaurants and the for nice Hotes In the Saint Louis area. (Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt) when not doing that I’m a dad to a beautiful 8-year-old girl. Have a beautiful girlfriend of 9 years that has supported me through thick and thicker times.

The extra hours in the Daytime I’ve dedicated it to being as creative as possible with photography and express myself threw. Specialize in Architecture and Nature, blending them together. You can’t have a structure in life without the pure natural world around us coexisting with the material world. My main Muse is the Gateway Arch. Recently had photography featured in their 2020 impact magazine. Most proud of my image of the Gateway Arch in Two Raindrops, taken from Malcolm Memorial Park. (East Saint Louis) Invited on to radio show for an interview, multiple local podcasts and article about me in Downtown Saint Louis website.

Who else deserves credit in your story?
Without fans on Instagram and people reaching out through this platform, I’d never be in this position. I’m a solo artist that remains very much isolated from the crowd but have a great fan base on and in Saint Louis. Great success with print sales to local customers/fans in Saint Louis. I’ve tried to remain local as far as all my hashtags and tagging of photos on Instagram. All the local feature sites on Instagram exp. (@stlouisgram @explorsaintlouis)


  • Pearl Satin Poster Prints- starting at 20.00$ (all size available)
  • Metal High Gloss Prints- starting at 65.00$ (all sizes available large or small)
  • Canvas Gallery Wrap- starting at 60.00$ (most sizes available)
  • Photography Photoshoot 70.00$ Raw File and Editing

Contact Info:

  • Email:
  • Instagram: adamwayne_arts
  • Facebook: Adam Wayne Arts

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