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Daily Inspiration: Meet The Pew Babies Show

Today we’d like to introduce you to The Pew Babies Show. 

The Pew Babies Show, we appreciate you taking the time to share your story with us today. Where does your story begin?
CJ and I have been friends for a long time; we actually grew up in church together. With both of our families being in leadership we spent a lot of time at church, sometimes 7 days a week lol. That’s actually where the term “Pew Baby” comes from; a “Pew baby” is a person who grew up in church and spent a significant amount of time there. 

As we grew up and became adults CJ & I would laugh about some of the memories we had growing up in church. We’d oftentimes have serious discussions about current events that were relevant to any topics surrounding religion, more specifically, Christianity, too. Anyone within earshot of our conversation would be doubled over with laughter and say, “You guys are really funny & entertaining, you should most definitely have show.” After about 4 years of going back & forth about the idea of putting a show together we FINALLY decided to step out on faith and just do it. On May 19th, 2021 we debuted our very first episode entitled “Church Hurt” on YouTube & Facebook; and that is how “The Pew Babies Show” was born. 

Our original plan was to just put out five episodes, see what the response was and go from there. If it was positive, we would keep going and if it was negative, we figured, we’d only put out five episodes so it wouldn’t be a huge loss. To our surprise the response to our first season was overwhelming to say the least & very mixed. We received feedback from a variety of people, teenagers to seniors, current church goers, non-church goers, members of the LGBTQ community, Christians, Muslims, Atheists, etc… Overall, we have received MUCH more positive feedback than anything else but of course there were some “traditionalists” that had a hard time processing the truths that we were discussing. CJ and I kind of anticipated that we’d receive some resistance from traditionalists because we are covering topics that “the church” considers taboo such as “Homosexuality in the church” & “Medicinal Marijuana”. We were the only ones OPENLY initiating the difficult conversations about church that are normally “hushed” & swept under the rug. We also try to incorporate current newsworthy events/topics into our weekly episodes, in addition to Scripture to give a balanced modern perspective. Over time we’ve heard mostly positive feedback from our viewers. They find our show relatable; they appreciate our transparency; we’re actually making a genuine connection with them and we’re both very grateful to be making an impact in people’s lives. 

Since we’ve first premiered “The Pew Babies Show” on YouTube/Facebook 10 months ago we have completed two seasons, a holiday special, and we’ve just wrapped up our third season which will be airing March 2022. We’ve also been blessed with an opportunity for our show to air on a network based in California called the SOV Network that is currently reaching all 50 states & 17 countries. 

For anyone interested in watching our show you can find us on YouTube at “The Pew Babies Show”. All of Seasons 1 & 2 can be viewed on YouTube as well as the SOV Network. Season 3 will begin airing in March with new episodes dropping every Wednesday on YouTube at 10:00am CST and re-airing on the SOV Network. We encourage everyone to send all inquiries to: 

We all face challenges, but looking back would you describe it as a relatively smooth road?
Anytime you’re stepping outside of the box there’s going to be challenges and we’ve had our fair share of obstacles. We’re still here so it hasn’t been anything significant enough that we couldn’t overcome. So far, our biggest struggle (if you want to call it that) has been a few small critics here & there. When you do what we’ve done and start introducing new perspectives, start challenging people to think for themselves and openly encourage people to question certain traditions/practices, those who stand to benefit from the ignorance of others can begin to feel like they’re losing the control they’ve worked so hard to establish. With our show content being so open & transparent we’ve unintentionally made those individuals feel a level of exposure & accountability they’ve never had to experience. Typically, when a person or a group of people feel that way their first instinct is to attack and, in our case, criticize. In an effort to regain a sense of control we’ve had leaders criticize our show & our character behind our backs to other leaders, we’ve been ostracized, people have attempted to copy some of our content, long story short the typical stuff anyone doing anything significant would experience. When CJ & I embarked on this journey we understood that these things come with the territory so we’re not really bothered by it. 

We’ve successfully handled these struggles by simply moving forward and continuing to do everything with a spirit of quality and excellence. 

Can you tell our readers more about what you do and what you think sets you apart from others?
CJ & I are the Executive Producers of “The Pew Babies Show” and this is actually our first time producing a show. We’re both proud of the fact that we’ve developed a quality show that is funny, informative, and REAL. I think what sets us apart from others is our chemistry and originality. We write & develop the topics for every single episode ourselves before we record and our reactions on each episode are unscripted so when you’re watching our show you’re getting US, 100%, no additives lol. 

We all have a different way of looking at and defining success. How do you define success?
We would define success as using your God given talent to make a difference in someone else’s life, which is what we’re all called to do. If you’re able to generate an income from it, that’s even better! 

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